Monday, March 15, 2010

Google Fiber update #7

Since the previous update, many more cities have launched plans to be included in the Google Fiber trials. A lot of activity in Virginia (Williamsburg, Hampton, Virginia Beach, James City County, York County, Albemarle County and Alexandria (see this post)). The state of Michigan is campaigning, and several towns independently (Birmingham). Next, several towns in Montana (Missoula, Bozeman, Butte), Missouri (Springfield, St Louis), Texas (Woodlands, Longview), North Carolina (New Hanover County, Wilmington), Pennsylvania (Allentown, Bethlehem), Florida (Leesburg, Palm Coast) and Iowa (Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Ames).

Other cities include: Tempe (Ariz), Boulder (Col), Petaluma (Cal), Memphis (Tenn), Bloomington (Ind), Louisville (Ken), Concord (Mass), Garrett County (Md), Galesburg (Ill), Renton (Wash), Gresham (Ore), Morgantown (WVa). In other words: large and small cities alike.

There's a short overview with videos here.

When it comes to 1 Gbps, wireless isn't standing still (see previous post).

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Life in Boulder said...

Hey ya;
Here a video we posted. "Bring Google fiber to Boulder"
Help! Bring Google fiber to boulder.
Boulder Channel 1 News to be up today with a hot new video on Google Fiber and what it means to this multi-national Boulder company: (below is our television new script for this performance.)
"So you’ve heard of Google, right? The single largest search engine in the world. They are offering to build a 100 times faster ultra high speed broadband fiber network in a few select communities in the USA.
From now until March 26, Google, the city of Boulder and we at Channel One Networks are asking you to help bring Google Fiber to Boulder. Go to and nominate Boulder to be the city chosen by google to be part of this futuristic experiment. The more google hears from the “smartest people” in the “happiest city in America” the more likely you’ll have holograms in your living room. Go to and fill out the form Nominate Boulder.
Community members can become a fan of the project by visiting the “Bring Google Fiber to the City of Boulder” Facebook fan page. Supporters of the project are encouraged to tweet (and tweet often) about their support for the project using the #boulderfiber hash tags.
We were asked to submit a video to tell Google and the world why Boulder Channel One wants Google fiber here. Maybe this can be best explained by showing you some of what we do at Channel One networks.
First off we Boulders Internet Television Channel launched in 2005. So that means you can see us only at . Since Boulder is the most computer savvy small city in America, it makes sense to have an internet TV Channel. With a web based programming in digital format we are not constrained by broadcast or even cable. We have multiple TV channels in Boulder for Visitors, CU, Police, Best in Boulder, Music, Film, Food and restaurants, Travel, Homes, and community programming.
On top of that we at Channel One Networks built Internet TV Channels for every small , medium and large city in the world!.... called The World Channel 1 networks.! We’ve used Boulder as our working model for financial sustainability, technology development and we draw our acting talent from CU…..hense me….Heather loser……news caster……..
So what does this all mean really! Google Fiber will help fulfill our mission to serve not only Boulder but every city in the world with our world head quarters built right here all because of fiber optics……….. 100 times faster than anything that is available now.
We will be able to produce and deliver 3D television and movies around the world and provide 100s of jobs in the community. We won’t have to move to California for high speed, Google Fiber will be right here. Our severs will be able to host millions of people instantly with out crashing. Google fiber is the partnership we have been looking for.
Thanks for watching Google. And Boulder……go to your computer right now “ Get up off your couch, go to the window, stick your head out and yell I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more” oh no no wait…….wrong decade.
Okay okay…..just send them a nice letter…at….and remember to tweet and be a fan on face book……..”Bring Google fiber to the City of Boulder”
I’m Heather with World News 1
from our World Head quarters in Boulder Colorado,
We bring you Google, we bring you the world."

Boulders Television channel on the web.
"We bring you Boulder , we bring you the World."