Sunday, October 23, 2011

Implications of a Google/Yahoo! deal

Yahoo!'s days as an independent company appear to be numbered. Following Carol Bartz' removal as CEO, more than one investor has shown interest in acquiring it:

  • Jerry Yang, Peter Chernin
  • Andreessen Horowitz, Silver Lake, Canada Pension Plan Investment board, Hellman & Friedman, DST, Bain Capital, Providence, Blackstone
  • News Corp, Walt Disney
  • Glam Media, Alibaba, AOL
  • Microsoft, and now Google
Google's involvement has some interesting implications (apart from the obvious sale of assets and restructuring):
  • Combining Google Search with Yahoo! Search, i.e. the former Inktomi and Overture Services.
  • Will antitrust regulators approve such a deal?
  • Google would most likely end the Yahoo!/Microsoft partnership, which would be bad news for Bing.
  • Combination of Google TV and Yahoo! Connected TV.
  • Flickr would become part of Google.
  • Gmail and Yahoo! Mail must be hard to combine.

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