Sunday, January 19, 2014

Submarine cables to double capacity by 2015

The sub-marine cable market grew by 2.3% or 25k kilometers during 2013, reports seim & partner. My friend Kai Seim put out a new complete submarine cable map, based on Greg Mahlknecht's data (interactive map).

You can order a print version (A0 format) via mail: or via phone: +49 6128 609 22 69.

The data cover the period since 1989 and include all planned cables through 2016, for a total of 263 cables. In terms of capacity, the entire submarine segment more than doubled between 2009 and today, and through 2015 capacity is set to double once more.

Important new submarine cbales include:
  • SAex, linking Brazil, Angola and South Africa (2013).
  • SJC, linking Singapore, China and Japan (2013).
  • ROTACS, linking the UK, Russia, China and Japan (2014).
  • Another system linking Brazil, South Africa and Singapore (2014).
  • Arctic Fibre, linking the UK, Canada, Japan (2015).

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