Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ziggo: stepping into the same marketing pitfall plaguing the FTTH market

Cable marketing against FTTH is based on services, not infrastructure. This makes sense for the simple reason that consumers want services, not infrastructure. They couldn't care less about the underlying network. As long as the services are great. The network is the operator's problem. If it's broke, they will fix it.

FTTH providers base their marketing on infrastructure, and they appear to have some success in making the network the consumer's problem. "You want a future-proof network." Or: "gimme fibre". But it makes no sense from a marketing point of view.

Now, Ziggo, for its Ziggo Mobile marketing, is stepping into the same pitfall. They focus on infrastructure (WiFi) in their marketing instead of services.

What both FTTH providers and Ziggo Mobile should focus on is services. The network message should be directed to their shareholders. "Look, we are using superiour infrastructure, which reduces our opex."

Lessons for Ziggo:
  • Fixed:
    • Keep up the good work in the fixed-line area. Capex will keep rising - not the consumer's worry, but the shareholders' worry.
    • Maybe give FTTH another thought.
  • Mobile:
    • Refocus Ziggo Mobile's marketing. Stop talking about WiFi. Talk about price instead, because lower opex can and indeed will be passed on to consumers.
    • Reconsider Ziggo Mobile's network. WiFi is for off-loading and indoor coverage. But maybe LTE-2600 can be the core of the service offering. Cancel the MVNO on Vodafone. There's nothing like owning your own network.

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