Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Truphone versus Bluephone

According to this article on The Inquirer SCN will sooner than BT introduce voice calling over Bluetooth. At the same time The Register reports that BT's Bluephone, planned for 'spring 2005', will be announced mid June.

Of course there are differences:
  • BT: handset by Motorola (chip: Broadcom). Late 2005 calling over WiFi must also be enabled.
  • SCN (Software Cellular Network): software solution, developed for the Nokia 6630 (for all Series 60 handsets at a later date). A beta-version is available via email at

What both offer:
  • Seamless handover to cellular networks when Bluetooth is out of range.
  • A converged fixed/wireless solution for voice calling.
  • Convergence of cellular and other wireless technologies.
  • The use of VoIP, i.c. wVoIP.

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