Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Next generation television

Two articles appeared on the subject of video-on-demand, or:
  • time- and place-shifted video
  • narrow-casting
  • the end of broadcast TV
  • (niche) programming anywhere, anytime

No strangers to readers of this blog (like here), Akimbo Systems, Orb Networks, DaveTV, Sling Media and Brightcove Networks are in this article on InsideBayArea and this article on DailyBreeze.

Differences between these services:
  • software, set-top box or both
  • free or for-pay
  • stand-alone service or through partnerships
  • to PC, TV, mobile devices
  • content: regular TV, niche programming, internet, all PC-based content including photos and music

Not just PTT's and newspaper publishers, but producers of broadcast television also will survive - but on a much smaller scale, due to intriguing firms like these.

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