Friday, September 16, 2005

Flat fees to eliminate click fraud

In order to combat click fraud, iSearchNaked launched its new search engine with sponsored search based on flat monthly fees per keyword, instead of pay-per-click. Also, since the company charges a flat 25 $c per month, advertisers will not be paying huge amounts as a result of competitive auctions for very popular keywords. The first 12 advertisers will share the top 12 top positions and rotate on a random basis.

From taking a quick look, it's not quite clear to me how the company mixes sponsored and algorithmic (if any) results. If it wants to make a dent in the offerings of Google and Yahoo!, it needs a lot more transparancy. Sure, click fraud is a huge problem, but maybe accepting it as a variation on shop lifting (you have to learn to live with it) is better.

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Anonymous said...

The site has a very clear idea of results with sponsored links. Good looking site and current event in news and blogs on the same search. Looks like they are doing a link exchange as well.