Thursday, September 01, 2005

September diary for T.I.M.

Without a specified date:

  • Tele2 will launch its bid for Versatel.
  • VNU and IMS Health will file their merger documents at the SEC.
  • VNU partner Arbitron will publish results for the Houston Portable People Meter (PPM) trial.
  • ITV is nearing the end of its auctioning off of Granada Learning. Pearson is heading the bidding, which should bring in about GBP 80m.
  • Commercial launch of BT's convergence product, BT Fusion (VoIP over fixed/Bluetooth/WiFi and cellular)
  • TGn Sync and WWiSE will jointly file a draft proposal at the IEEE for the new 802.11n WiFi standard, enabling bit rates of up to 100 Mbps.
  • IEEE ratification of the mobile WiMAX standard (802.16e)
  • WiMAX trial launch at Austria's WiMAX Telecom
  • Warner Bros: movie release 'Corpse Bride'
  • Yahoo! will start offering free news clips from CNN and ABC News.
  • Relaunch of the MSN Music Store
  • A new 'indie' cable channel, the Africa Channel, will launch on Cox.

Roughly dated:

  • Ofcom will publish its concluding statement for the final Telecoms Strategic Review (TSR) (early Sep)
  • VoD software providers Veoh ('VeohNet') and PCF ('DTV') will formally launch their products (early Sep)
  • Deadline for bids for News Corp's TSL unit (educational supplements in the UK), worth around GBP 250m (first week of Sep)
  • Australian parliament on Telstra sale (second week)
  • FCC and DoJ are expected to endorse the AT&T takeover by SBC
  • Google may settle with Geico (GE) on the use of the Geico name, or continue in court (mid Sep)
  • Mashboxx, Wayne Rosso's legal P2P file-sharing site, will launch using Shawn Fanning's Snocap technology for filtering legal files (mid Sep)

Precisely dated:

  • Telegraaf: half year figures and analyst meeting; also launch of a Caribbean edition of its flagship Dutch newspaper (Sep 1)
  • Wegener and PCM launch their new dual-branded tabloid newspaper for the Dutch Randstad metropolitan area (Sep 1)
  • Brill: 'open house' focused on 'Digital Publishing' (Sep 1)
  • The mobile termination (MTA) rate cut of 20% for all three incumbent wireless operators in Italy will come into effect (Sep 1)
  • Fox: movie release 'Transporter 2' (Sep 2)
  • Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) Berlin (Sep 2-5)
  • Telekom Malaysia is set to launch a WiMAX network, supported by Intel and Alcatel (Sep 7)
  • Light Reading's 'The Future of Telecom - Europe 2005' event (London, Sep 7-8)
  • VNU hosts a workshop on IMS Health (Sep 8 in London, Sep 9 in Amsterdam)
  • Walt Disney is scheduled to open its newest resort, Hong Kong Disneyland (Sep 12)
  • Vivendi Universal: full H1 results (Sep 13)
  • Fox Searchlight: movie release 'Separate Lies' (Sep 16)
  • Deadline for potential bidders to show interest in Telsim, put up for sale by Turkey, nationalized from the Uzan family in 2004 (Sep 19)
  • Fox/Fox Searchlight: movie release 'Roll Bounce' (Sep 23)
  • Nethercomm, developer of a 'broadband in gas' (BiG) technology, will host a seminar in Roncho Santa Fe (Sep 23-24)
  • Banks can submit offers for doing the Telstra sale (Sep 27)
  • National Scholarly Communications Forumin Sydney, theme: Open Access, Open Archives, Open Source (Sep 27)
  • FCC deadline for E-911 compliance by VoIP providers (Sep 28)
  • Tiscali will release its half year figures under IFRS (Sep 30)
  • Deadline for bids for a DTT license in Norway (Sep 30)
  • Fox: movie release 'Little Manhattan' (Sep 30)

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