Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Verizon Wireless goes 3G, not WiFi

Verizon Wireless works with Dell and HP on datacards for laptop computers to be connected to the EV-DO network. Average bitrates are 400-700 kbps.

The purely cellular strategy shows from the HP press release: “No longer confined by Wi-Fi hotspot locations, users can work where they want to, even staying connected in a taxi cab as they head to an airport.” Aimed bluntly at T-Mobile USA, which keeps working on extending its WiFi reach. Whereas Verizon Wireless stresses the reach and mobility of its cellular network, T-Mobile boasts the higher bitrates of WiFi.

I guess both strategies are viable. Technology upgrades are coming for both (EV-DV and 802.11n).

The remainder is a matter of spectrum (capacity), but that issue keeps evolving too. Analogue TV will be shut down (2009?) and spectrum will be auctioned off (at what price?!?) to cellular operators.

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