Friday, January 13, 2006

Cool New Products

DECT Phones with VoIP
Take a look at this ABC article. Centers around Linksys, XACT, Auvi and Motorola. The Auvi Technologies' PHIP100 DECT seems especially cool, as it has a buil-in webcam and it can handle PSTN and VoIP calls simultaneously for conferencing.

Finally, convergence of competing standards alliances. This could lead to a revised draft in time for the IEEE meeting in Hawaii next week. The new 802.11n standard (with MIMO) quadruples speeds and could hit the market after 12-18 months.
It may turn WiFi into a viable home-networking technology, next to UWB, as well as wired standards based on existing telco, cable or power wires.

Movie release window collapse
There is much debate about the artificial release windows for movies. It could be better to collapse them into one. That would save a lot on marketing and it would appease movie lovers (and hence reduce illegal downloading and sharing). MediaPost's TV Watch reports Fox is considering simultaneous release of movies on VoD and DVD. Seems like a step in the inevitable right direction (even if it doesn't go quite as far as Mark Cuban does).

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