Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wednesday Media Digest

* US market: national market from $177.1 bn in 2005 (+6.0%) to $189.2 bn 2006 (+6.8%), total market to $292.0 bn in 2006 (+5.8%) (Universal McCann)

* Motorola plans cellphone radio service iRadio (with Clear Channel; ), 7-10 $/mo

* Movie downloads: Starz Entertainment starts ‘Vongo’ service for download to PC and portabel devices on Portable Media Center, 10 $/mo for unlimited use from limited catalogue (at pay-tv window, ie 5-6 months after DVD release), 4 $/movie for earlier downloads
* Internet to tv: Akimbo offers exclusive content from Expedition 360
* Internet and tv to handsets: Proxure introduces MyTV ToGo 3.0 at $30 for TiVo and Windows MCE content to portable devices (Sony PSP, Apple iPod, smartphones, PocketPCs, laptops)
* TV/PC content to devices anywhere: Sling Media plans launch of software client for cell phones and handheld computers and PAL-version of the Slingbox for Europe; DirecTV plans ‘DirecTV 2Go’ service
* STB: Motorola launches QIP family (QAM and IPTV) with home entertainment (based on MoCA, using in-home coax); VBox Comms (= Optibase) launches PIVOT family of tuners for DSB, DVB-T, CATV with home-networking based on Media Center to any device
* Disney adds ESPN and ABC content to iTunes for video iPod
* Digital cinema: order from Century Theaters (90-120 screens) to Technicolor (= Thomson)

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