Friday, January 20, 2006

Cool New Products

Wireless broadband
WiFi could be squashed between UWB (for home-networking) and WiMAX (for MAN), but it could also very well win on both sides. UWB suffered a set-back and Milwaukee muniwifi could show the way in competing with WiMAX, as it seems to include a dense fiber backbone.

  • WiFi had a boost from the 802.11n task group at the IEEE. It approved a draft proposal for the new standard. Broadcom immediately introduced its Intensi-Fi chip.
  • UWB was less fortunate, though. The 802.15.3a standard was killed at the IEEE meeting in Hawaii. Two competing groups, the UWB Forum and the WiMedia Alliance, could not come to an agreement. It is not necessarily a set-back for the UWB-market, however. Companies involved will continue product development.
  • WiMAX saw its first batch of hardware certified (under the non-mobile 802.16-2004 standard) by the WiMAX Forum. HT in Croatia, a Deutsche Telekom company, was quick in launching build-out of a national network.

There was a major product launch from IPWireless, TDtv. It promises TV-o-W for UMTS operators in existing spectrum. No need for DVB-H, DAB, MediaFLO or any other new piece of infrastructure.

Tesco was a remarkable entrant into the VoIP space. had a long article on IPTV and VoD.

This story on Linuxelectroncs is not meant for me - I'm not a software engineer. Maybe we will hear more from ClearNova and it's ThinkCAP.

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