Friday, January 27, 2006 head-to-head with Brightcove

Earlier this week launched a new product (Content Publishing Network), that makes it a direct competitor to Brightcove (read this interview). launched its original software at the CES earlier this month (they also have a box: the Xport STB). What it roughly does is consolidate entertainment (video) from all sources (stored on a PC, or from cable, DSB, IPTV) and deliver it streaming to any device. In this respect, it is comparable to Orb Networks (software), Sling Media (box or software) and even Akimbo Systems (box).

The question for long term survival is: what is the smartest business mix?
  • Software or a box? I suppose few people want an extra box, and software can built into existing boxes.
  • Wholesale (supporting publishers, like Brightcove does) or retail (offer services directly to consumers? I suppose the latter will be scouped up sooner or later.

My money would be on either a software product, or a wholesale service. And hope to be taken out by a big guy one day.

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