Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Some short-term triggers

Here are some possible triggers for short-term movement, before the new reporting season starts:
  • Telefonica: to decide on the sale of its 75% Endemol stake (late March). Mediaset and John de Mol are candidates.
  • OTE: Greek state to sell 20% stake (late March). This could be the chance for Telefonica or DT to step in.
  • Vodafone: investor day on UK and Germany in London (March 30). Time for bullish news to turn those businesses around. When will topline growth return?
  • AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, Sprint Nextel: US government to award Networx Universal contract (late March). The second part, Networx Enterprise, will be awarded late May. Together, they are valued at $20bn over 10 years. Looking at the partners each brings, my bet is on AT&T.
  • KPN: investor day on new structure (April 4). The company will no longer report along the Fixed/Mobile line, but along Consumer/Business. Wholesale & Operations contains the physical infrastructure and a fourth division is devoted to IT services in the Netherlands.
  • Yahoo!: hiring new CFO and Audience Group CEO (weeks away?).

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