Monday, March 12, 2007

WiMAX round-up

Just for convenience:
  • Technology: IEEE proposes the new 802.16m standard.
  • Hardware: Palm rumoured to plan a WiMAX Treo - ultra-thin, mind you.
  • Roaming: WiSOA sets up the first alliance.
  • IPOs: Clearwire debuted as the #3 pureplay (after xG and Towerstream).
  • Plans: Vodafone and Sprint provide views.
  • Tenders: Italy, Taiwan, Israel, Thailand.
  • Trials: Swisscom, TVA (Brazil), Worldmax (Netherlands), Altech (South Africa).
  • Deployments: BSNL in India, Dialog in Sri Lanka, Nexcom in Bulgaria, Åre Network in Sweden, Neotel in South Africa, Emax in Peru, UHT in the Ukraine, Arab Telecom in Kuwait, ABC in Canada, EgyNet in Egypt, the state of Catalonia, Telecom Namibia, ICE in Costa Rica, etc.

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