Sunday, April 30, 2006

The TIM Diary for May

KPN to introduce 'Slim' (prepaid VoIP; 1)
HanseNet (TI) to launch IPTV in Hamburg
Philips to launch VoIP321 handset for Skype in Europe

Swisscom: House of Rep's on planned state sale (62%) (10)
Australia to decide on Telstra sale (52%)

Wireless auction US for in-flight (10)
Deadline for bids for Egyptian third mobile license (4)
Telecom New Zealand to pick buyer for AAPT (5)
RfP deadline for Houston muniwifi (16)

SFR (Vivendi/Vodafone) analyst meeting, Paris (3)
Conferences: VON Europe, Stockholm (15-18), WiMAX World Europe, Vienna (22-24)
Earnings: Verizon (2), DT (11), BT (18), Vodafone (30)

Google: hearing click fraud suit from AIT

eBay analyst Day, San Jose (4) and London (9)
Yahoo! analyst day, San Francisco (17)
Conferences: Web 2.0, Toronto (15-16), Goldman Sachs Internet (25)

Sky to launch HDTV in UK
VNU bid period ends
Liberty Media tracker spin-offs (Interactive, Capital)
WPP deadline ends for period of bid silence for Aegis (25)
Ad accounts: The Gap to award ($100-125m), Miller Brewing to award ($600m)

Brill analyst meeting, Amsterdam (4)
Earnings: Time Warner (3), Walt Disney (9), Wolters Kluwer (10), RCN (10), Vivendi (17)
Conferences: 'OnHollywood 2006', Hollywood (2-4)
Movie releases: 'Mission Impossible 3' (Paramount, 5), 'Poseidon' (Warner, 12), 'The Da Vinci Code' (Sony, 19), 'Over the hedge' (DreamWorks Animation, 19), 'X-Men 3' (Fox), 'Cars' (pre-release, New York, 26)
DVD relaeses: 'Rumor has it' (Warner, 9)
HD-DVD releases: first hybrid from Warner (9)
Blu-ray releases: 8 Sony releases and 10 from Lionsgate (23)


SRX said...

Informative. Persistent. Good pointers

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