Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wednesday Telecom, Internet and Media Digests

The week in review: another exciting one. I hope I haven't missed anything big. Click through and see all the links to source material and comments.

  • PTTs are still not all 100% government independent: look at Colombia, Cameroon, Switzerland, Australia. In the Netherlands the job is almost done.
  • In the wireless space: thye new Vodafone structure, which may lead to another round of sell-offs (like stakes in Proximus and Swisscom Mobile), to be followed by acquisitions? What about Arcor - is it still up for sale?
  • In the Netherlands, Orange has 3 years to become profitable. If not, what will happen? And what about Wanadoo NL?
  • The CTIA conference led to a bunch of cable press releases. Of special interest are developments around IP and IMS (PacketCable 2.0) and bandwidth (DOCSIS 2.0, 3.0), including dynamic bandwidth allocation (Camiant, Caspian).
  • In muniwifi we saw Google and EarthLink team up in San Francisco. That could lead to much stronger tie. How about a takeover? (Both companies report Q1 earnings on April 2o.)
  • Finally, lots around MVNOs, WiFi, WIMAX, VoIP (including the Skype acquisition of Camino for better quality), IPTV (including service for businesses), dual mode handsets and double/triple/quad plays (most notably the 'free' offer from Carphone Warehouse).


  • As usual, plenty of news around Google (including buying the algorithm for enhanced contextual ads (AdSense), using 'instant answers').
  • Blogs to the mainstream!
  • How about this: offline search from Webaroo and click fraud without clicks!
  • ABC on demand, as well as lots of other video on the net.
  • Print consolidating.
  • Spectacular compression efforts from Euclid.

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