Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wednesday Telecoms, Internet and Media Digests

The past week was especially noteworthy for telecoms stocks. Click through, to find a plethora of links to source material and comments.

Telecoms: too much really
  • Rumours on a handful of PTTs.
  • Auctions proceeding on PTTs of Colombia, Malta and Tunesia; on wireless operators; on spectrum of diverse nature.
  • KPN is buying into a regional fiber network, and keeps acquiring ISPs. Where is it heading? Can it be stopped by the regulator, or could it buy its way back to monopoly status?
  • DOCSIS 3.0 in Singapore.
  • Muni networks: WiFi in Toronto etcc, WiMAX in Rhode Island. Also, many WiMAX deployments being rolled out.
  • Some innovative VoIP solutions. Skype is loosing its edge.
  • IPTV keeps rollin'.

Internet: mainly company news

  • New services at Google and eBay.

Media: all about video

  • Smart deals from Orb and Akimbo, teaming up with hardware guys. (Even if next-gen DVD hardware is being belayed.)
  • Hollywood finally into downloads (not too late?).

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