Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wednesday Telecoms, Internet and Media Digests

This past week - click through to comprehensive overviews packed with links to source material and commentary. Here's a selection.

Telecoms: a wide range of topics
  • Little company news (eircom, Vodafone/Verizon, Level 3).
  • California moving ahead with BPL.
  • Wifi efforts from some US cities and Yahoo!.
  • More MVNOs coming in the US market.
  • Vodafone plans TV launch using KPN's DVB-H infrastructure provider Digitenne.
  • IPTV news from a.o. KPN (launch date) and Swisscom (tariff lowering)

Internet: the interesting news was in the search arena

  • a patent from Google
  • new vertical from MSN
  • a click fraud report from Click Forensics

Media: focus on company news

  • Time Warner may sell parts of AOL Europe.
  • TiVo wins against EchoStar and extends DirecTV contract.

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