Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday Reader's Digest

As ever a rich harvest. Again, Cringely's post, glorifying Google's indepence of access technology. He assumes cable, telco, WiMAX and BPL will provide enough of a choice. If not, net neutrality could be under threat, I believe.
Other background reading is in BusinessWeek Online, New York Magazine, Wired Magazine and Slate.

Long story in the SF Weekly.

Social networking:
BusinessWeek Online covered,, and Especially noteworthy is MySpace's plan (or rather: News Corp's) to launch an MVNO to compete with Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile (Sprint Nextel).

Bridge IR starts coverage of Trimax, a supplier of BPL equipment and solutions through subsidiary PLC Network Solutions. The report is free.

Mobile explosion:
Is the title of an Orange white paper (free registration). Not very deep, but at least they came up with a way to classify handsets: will the trend be toward multi-functional? Orange categorises into 7 classes: Multi-functional for work or home; focus on voice, video or music/games; fashion style; for-kids.

Cable broadband: had a story on Vyyo. It's technology can double downstream bandwidth of cable operators.

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