Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday Reader's Digest

The LamaBox was presented in the Netherlands. It's broadband connected and searches P2P networks BitTorrent, eDonkey and Kazaa. Content is downloaded to a hard disk, streamed on TV or burned to a DVD.
Microsoft's deal with CableLabs on the other hand tries to bypass the STB and rely on CableCard technology for now. The PC as the center of home entertainment, once more.
Robert Cringely takes his Google Box concept one (giant) step further and speculates on a Google Cube.
Of course. TiVo has lots going on.

Net neutrality:
There's a decent round-up from the Washington Post.
The DrKW TelcoTech presented its perspective, one day after mine and pretty similar.
David Isenberg adds a little.
Central themes are: the stupid network, separation (a la Openreach), enforcement and customer-owned network. As to the latter, I recently concluded (in Dutch) that munifiber could be a blessing in disguise for PTT's.

An introduction of sorts from AP.
Daily Wireless has a warning against IMS, which could give operators to much power. It relates to the network neutrality concept. IMS could mean operators track, charge and possibly block internet-based services.

Free's F-ADSL and Yannick Laclau's entertaining assessment of what this means.

Verizon Wireless is adopting Qualcomm's MediaFLO network for mobile TV, but Eureca Research predicts DAB will be a leading standard with a 19% market share in 2010, rivalling DVB-H.

Maxell announced a 300 GB disc for late 2006, based on 'holographic' storage (perpendicular, three-dimensional recording).

Is it coming to an end?

News, newspapers and journalism:
In the Chicago Tribune, the San Diego Union-Tribune, Editor & Publisher and the New York Review of Books.

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