Thursday, December 29, 2005

Weekend Reading

VoIP and Net Neutrality:
TMCnet's Eric Dean argues that "SIP emerges as a ubiquitous answer addressing all concerns" in a short overview of VoIP standards.
CNet offers yet another overview of the history and upcoming events around Net Neutrality.

CommsDesign has two unconvincing articles on WiFi:
The pros and cons of muniwifi according to Peter Rysavy. He handily translates WiFi's shorter range, compared to cellular, into an advantage: "the same spectrum can be re-used over and over".
Ed Sutherland seems to conclude that WiFi will be complementary to WiMAX: WiFi for munis, hotspots, in-home; WiMAX for rural and suburban.

Newsfactor runs a review of UWB v. IrDA and Bluetooth. (I suppose he doesn't discuss ZigBee and NFC because these 'standards' are for low-bandwidth and very short range communications, respectively.)

William Slawski of the SEO by the Sea blog sums up Google's acquisitions.

Folio Magazine reviews 2005 and predicts 2006.

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