Thursday, January 04, 2007

ECOMMERCE://Amazon launches new brand added a new store (in beta, though), this one devoted to shoes and handbags (there already is a shoes section on the main site).

What is striking about this one is the new brand name: This looks like a first and could be related to the brand values of suppliers, who may wish to not get behind the Amazon brand.

As usual, the site appears highly customer centric (great search, free overnight shipping, free return shipping, 110% price guarantee, 24 hr customer support). Free returns could be bad for margins especially when shoes are concerned (but as we know, Amazon is in the volume business). Still, wouldn't it be smarter to limit some of these excellent customer services to Amazon Prime subscribers?

On the side: it seems that Riya's (image search, for now devoted to jewelry, clothing, and ... shoes and handbags!) would be a nice add-on to the site.

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