Wednesday, January 24, 2007

REGULATION://Setback for KPN regarding closure of MDF locations

nwrjAs I have posted before, moving from FTTEx + ADSL2+ to FTTN + VDSL requires a Full Alternative to LLU. This is exactly what is happening in the Netherlands, where KPN is building its All-IP network. OPTA, the local regulator, today published a brief note on how it will proceed.

Back in October, OPTA was generous in recognizing that it should support KPN in moving forward, i.e. it planned to allow KPN to close many of its MDF locations. The trouble is, that is exactly where competitors' DSLAMs are colocated.

Today OPTA publishes the timeframe for how it will proceed. The note seems to include a big setback for KPN: OPTA will, for now, not proceed in making formal Policy Rules. It seems to acknowledge that SLU is not a Full Alternative to LLU. Things seem to be pretty much deadlocked.

The main points from today's note:
  • Market analyses to be published 07Q2.
  • The report from Analysys may be published (what does that mean?). The main conclusion is: SLU is not economically viable as an alternative to existing LLU players (unless such a network would be limited to 1000 street cabinets in the most densely populated areas).
  • SLU + SDF backhaul doesn't seem to be a Full Alternative to MDF access. It appears that MDF access cannot be withdrawn (unclear is under which circumstances KPN would still be allowed to close any locations). OPTA is pondering what a Full Alternative could be and thinks it will publish the result late February.
  • The NERA report on applicability of the British model (Openreach, equivalence) is to be published mid February.
  • Making rules on jointly laying fiber has no priority.


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