Tuesday, January 30, 2007

THIRD PIPE://Amsterdam inspires FriscoNet

San Francisco released a feasibilty study regarding munifiber. A promising element is that the city had Dirk van der Woude come over to give them some advice. Dirk was involved in getting Citynet started in his hometown Amsterdam.

Recently he also pointed me to this Light Reading article, from which he took a number of quotes:
"threaten to overwhelm even their fattest broadband pipes"
"It's definitely a real problem; there's definitely a storm coming."
"Prepare your networks for the primetime on-demand wave."
"There's an absolute risk of people dropping basic video service for
Internet video."
"Thanks to these trends, some tech executives contended that the bandwidth
crisis may never actually end for cable operators."
"They're even weighing such previously unthinkable moves as building
fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks".

On the other hand, some respected research firms still dig in, doubting the demand side of the equation:
"We conclude that the new broadband divide would be best bridged using a
combination of VDSL and fixed wireless."
"Our main conclusion is that any decision to promote investment in higher
speed broadband on the grounds that it will accelerate economic growth cannot be
justified by evidence that such investment will have a measurable effect".

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