Thursday, September 18, 2008

Changing the web

Two intersting links on the nature of the web and what we do with it:
  • How the Large Hadron Collider Might Change the Web (Scientific American). The LHC produces such a vast amount of data, that it requires a new kind of grid (the LHC Computing Grid) and middleware, called Globus, to analyse them. "Bader imagines future middleware allowing home computers to provide instant weather forecasts by accessing information from nearby environmental sensors. Or it might help sift through a life's accumulation of personal medical records or years of home video footage looking for dimly remembered events."
  • Where Are They Now? A Decade Of Google Products And Deals You've Forgotten About (Silicon Alley Insider). A concise overview of the betas that Google produced. There are 11 categories (search, maps, mobile & telecom, advertising, consumer products, social, for the public good, for developers, research, enterprise, statistics), and each contains both products and acquisitions. Let's hope they keep this portal up to date.

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