Monday, September 15, 2008

IBC2008: 3-D HD television is the future

No surprise for our readers, and no surprise coming from Jeffrey Katzenberg (in a 3-D HD address by satellite, quoted by B&C and TV Predictions): 3-D HDTV is "the most exciting thing to happen to the visual experience in 70 years".

I'm not sure how much bandwidth is needed for such a stream, but 100 Mb/s all of sudden isn't looking like a hell of a lot anymore.


Guy Daniels said...

Very interesting. 100Mbit/s might not seem much for Samsung, or indeed for most city dwellers. But for those chosing to live in rural or semi-rural areas; not a chance! We're lucky to get 1.5Mbit/s now, and maybe a staggering 18-20Mbit/s in 5-7 years time (at least here in rural UK). So what's going to happen? Will broadcast regulators allow broadcasters to ignore the vast majority of the country and launch a 3D TV service just for urbanites with FTTH? What is Katzenberg thinking? Apart from selling technology and making (more) money....

Guy Daniels, TelecomTV

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