Friday, September 12, 2008

Terahertz waves - now aimed at IEDs

Gaiacomm hasn't been able to deliver on its 4G promises, but now the technology is under scrutiny from the Office of Naval Research and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory to help fight improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
"A practical system is years, maybe decades away", writes IEEE. Well, maybe not quite.


Anonymous said...

I sure wish Gaiacomm International would finish its work on the IED terahertz device, before my son is killed in Iraq with a roadside bomb. His friend was killed last week from faulity ied devices in use with his unit. What is the problem that Gaiacomm cannot get funded? At least try out the ideas that Dr. Ben Hur claims. My son is worth more than money. Right now what does the us government got to lose. We don't have years to wait. I am sure that the family that lost their son is a bit upset. As crazy as it sounds, someone on this earth must know about Gaiacomm and its claims. If Gaiacomm says they can do it give them a chance. I remember Gaiacomm was promoting terahertz technology in 2000/2001 long before any science center was on the wagon with it. Seems odd that Dr. Ben Hur cannot break thru or our government and others don't wish for him to get ahead of their game.

Just a thought and a hope!

Anonymous said...

I found this on a congresswatch website. Ben Hur seems to have more going for him than Gaiacomm. And after reading this, I am quite sure that Gaiacomm does have a technology that threatens the very foundations of other business and government concerns.

What makes me feel a bit nervous and exited is the fact that he believes what he writes. I feel Ben Hur is telling the truth.

Found while doing a google search on Ben Hur, gaiacomm, and the american republic:

The American Republic returns on September 11, 2008,


A Letter to The United States Congress and to The American People

Americans have lost their way by choice and coercion propagated by those that wish to have it all. Americans that have plenty are not bothered by the confusion and rape of the land and its people. The Americans that outnumber the wealthy are the ones that suffer in America. The idea of a Republic of America was an original perfect form of government. The ones that made the choice to write on paper their ideas for a perfect form of government were themselves imperfect. The document called the Constitution is a promise on paper and in spirit to Americans to protect and to serve Americans, our Nation with truth. That has not happened, thus the discord and confusion within our nation to Americans.

Our Nation, our Homeland has been sold, raped, and ravaged by many outsiders and insider traitors, which have allowed our eagle our National symbol to be locked in a cage with little sustenance. Our Star our symbol of truth has been buried in the sand with the trash of other nations.

This is not acceptable, and will be resolved.

Our current Congress has forsaken our nation by giving little and taking so much for themselves and their financial supporters. Congress has allowed Capitalist Businesses from within and out to take over our Nation and rule by the power of selfish money and lies.

Our Great and once powerful Military are ruled by those that give false and deceptive orders coupled by untruthful commands. They, the soldiers of our fortunes are engaged in ambiguous battle campaigns fighting under and for False Flag counter intelligence fueled by deceptive propaganda rhetoric. Human lives on all sides are dying for the few that have lost their way thru choice.

Our President, our leader of our Nation has with his advisors and financial empire brokers reinforced the ultimate crime to humanity by lying to himself, his family and his country. Our business leaders have lied to our Nation and prostituted our ingenuity to others for unnatural profit.

There are too many Americans that have some or little or none, and that Ladies and Gentlemen is not acceptable. Congress and others have failed to provide even the basics for our Nation to thrive. Too many selfish secrets, many which are known amongst a few, are tearing our Nation and Planet apart. By allowing those that know what lies behind the looking glass, to control the masses at will is an affront to GOD.

There is too much advertised hatred and racial prejudice fed by ignorance and choice. Religions have taken front seat to freedom and truth, thus confusing those that wish to know the truth, by self-choice.

On September 11, 2008, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, we Americans can and will make a choice to free our Eagle from its cage of captors, allowing it to be stronger and fly higher than ever before, and unearth and restore our Star to its rightful brilliance from the sand of trash of other Nations, and take back our country from those that have stolen it from us all. Annuit Copetis.

We have learned from the past, and we have learned from the present, now we will make a choice to either continue with America as is, or Change America to a True Republic that truly represents the sincere interests of its people and other Nations. It is not an impossible task to overcome; all it takes is an honest choice and the will to sacrifice.

We are a Legion of many, who will live a life of peace, and have respect for all living things, while having considerations for those who are different, and look for ways to truly accommodate those who are slow in understanding.

We support the poor, helpless, and defenseless people. We support the freedom of Women, we support the sane treatment of animals and the environment, and we support the freedom of religion and expression. We do not support ignorance, period.

We are a growing nation of people that encourage all Americans to become part of the New American Republic!


Judah Ben-Hur, Sui Juris
The American Republic
Diplomatic Mission: North America
A Sovereign Republic