Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vodafone NL: real flat fees, but limited speeds

Vodafone NL is launching new flat fee internet access. Downloads speeds are lowered (from the current 3.6 Mb/s maximum), and above a certain cap there are no overage fees, but the speed drops even further (to 128 kb/s for all three tiers):
  • Standard: 20 EUR/mo, 0.768 Mb/s
  • Plus: 35 EUR/mo, 1.5 Mb/s
  • Super: 50 EUR/mo, 2 Mb/s
Vodafone is saying people prefer bill certainty over speed. I'm sure they're right.
At the same time, KPN is doubling its download speed maximum to 7.2 Mb/s (with Dongle). They say people want to save time. I'm sure they're right too.

Let's see who is more right.

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