Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Poll: Structural separation?

My third poll (How to solve the broadband incentive problem) has ended, and here are the results:
  1. Usage-based metering: 9%
  2. Service-based tiers: 18%
  3. More bandwidth (FTTH): 31%
  4. Allow throttling: 15%
  5. Accept that access is a dumb pipe business: 53%
  6. Bundle access with other services: 25%
I suppose answers 1-4 are remedies of sorts, with FTTH fortunately by far the most popular. Answer 6 has surpisingly few proponents, or put differently: surprisingly many people still feel that access is good business (answer 5), despite the fact that it is quite 'dumb' (in other words: a utility service).

Of course, one could easily vote for all 6 answers since none of them excludes another, as a valued reader remarked.

Now, do take the new poll (see right).

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Unknown said...

Structural separation generally refers to be the separation of different lines of business of a telecommunications operator into separate corporate entities. The different companies must typically be run on an arm's length basis. In that case, the companies must deal with each other on the same terms and conditions as they deal with third parties, such as competitors.


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