Wednesday, October 11, 2006

ACCESS://First, second, third, fourth ... pipes

There is a plethora of choice in access land (to support the low cost operator stance from Mr. Enck). Check out today's news below.

It makes investment decisions very hard.

  • Fixed: Is FTTH really the best, or can FTTN + DSL beat it? What about HFC, BPL and BiG? Is it wise to make big bets at all right now (FiOS), or is it better to be be slow?
  • Wireless: Will any wireless technology ever be able to compete? How about xMax? Is it wise to make big bets now, or try to be slow and try all technologies (Sprint)?

Today's news:

  • DSL: ECI Telecom will lead a consortium aiming for higher speeds, using dynamic spectrum management (DSM). Beyond VDSL2, mind you! John Cioffi argues copper has more available bandwidth than fiber.
  • Cable: a comparable view, saying cable plant has plenty of bandwidth. However, with DOCSIS 3.0 still in development and DSL racing beyond VDSL2, this seems a tough point.
  • BPL: Fiercewifi argues perhaps the time has come for a breakthrough. We have to look out for the Microsoft EMEA event in Munich in November to see a Motorola demo.
  • TDtv: The British wireless incumbents will do a trial of IPWireless' TDtv solution, using existing spectrum. Jointly, that is, a smart decision. However, DVB-H seems to be the winner so far in Europe, and there is plenty of choice; like:
  • MediaFLO: Sprint Nextel has a trial going on. Why not? They have CDMA-EV DO-Rev A, iDEN and (to be launched) WiMAX, so why not add a fourth network (not counting the possibility of yet another from the SpectrumCo/cable joint-venture. This would be something like: we try to optimize the utilization rate of our towers.
  • Picocells: T-Mobile will use ip.access' nanoGSM gear for in-building coverage.
  • Ruckus Wireless: Belgacom will use this company's WiFi solution for in-home networking, to support the Belgacom TV (IPTV) product. Ruckus just received funding from T-Online Ventures (a T-Mobile sister in the DT kamp) and Motorola.

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