Wednesday, October 04, 2006

THIRD PIPE://Citynet to start on FTTH in Amsterdam

Citynet will officially start work on the Amsterdam FTTH-network next week, October 12. The first phase targets 40k homes.

The EC has not yet formally approved the venture, but Citynet regards a court ruling supportive. Moreover, they made sure to follow the European Market Economy Investors Principle. Citynet also refers to other state-owned firms providing BB access (e.g. MSO Zeelandnet).

  • Owner:GNA (Glasvezelnet Amsterdam), which is in turn 33% each owned by the city, 5 housing corporations and several investors (ING and Reggefiber, which we also know as Lijbrandt Telecom owners).
  • The network will be operated by bbned (= Telecom Italia), which rents the network from GNA, on a wholesale basis.
  • There will be many service providers.

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