Wednesday, October 04, 2006

MOBILE SUB-BRANDS://E-Plus' strange vybemobile offering

KPN-subsidiary E-Plus went one step further down the sub-branding road, which is working out very well for them.

I have a hard time understanding the new vybemobile offering, though, for three reasons:

  • It focuses on the youth market, but so do Simyo and Base, to an extent. Specifically, it targets music lovers, but so does Viva Mobile (with MTV).
  • Vybemobile is a venture with Universal Music. That makes it appear limited. What about Warner Music, EMI and Sony BMG content? Or will E-Plus add more brand? That would leave us no alternative but to buy 4 new handsets! Again, isn't Viva enough? Or maybe the service should be a licensing product, the way the new Mobile ESPN will work.
  • KPN wants to get out of subsidizing handsets, but this service seems to need it.

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