Tuesday, October 17, 2006

REGULATION://Copper access at KPN street cabinets

The issue of physical space at street cabinets has haunted the options for post-LLU competition for some time.

Last week KPN published SDF access tariffs, in repsonse to OPTA's positionpaper on KPN's All-IP network proposal. This space issue is still not resolved, though. OPTA's ruling is due late December.

KPN today tell me by mail:
"Het kan inderdaad zo zijn dat sommige kasten niet groot genoeg zijn, echter als de unbundlers vroegtijdig aangeven om hierin ook te willen investeren kan dit gelijk met KPN worden meegenomen."
Which reads like:
"It can indeed be the case that some street cabinets are not large enough, however as the unbundlers indicate early to also want to invest, this can be incorporated by KPN."

Still not resolved, then. How many street cabinets does this concern? Will KPN have to pay up, or would the costs be shared? etc.

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Anonymous said...

So it'a 'connect now or never' attitude? KPN will never win a case based on that. So if they install small cabinets and later on a competitor wants access - KPN will have to get a bigger cabinet, at its own cost. As it was KPN who tried to defy OPTA's orders.

There's another question: these cabinets need cooling, so spread noise and heat. Does KPN really think this kind of street pollution will be allowed?

Once again you see the supriority of cable: high capacity, no noise, no fuss.