Monday, October 16, 2006

DIVERGENCE://Business v. consumer services

Among all the convergence going on (IP/IMS, FMC, UMA, dual-mode handsets, telecoms/IT, telecoms/media, software-defined radio, eBay/Skype, etc.) there is still a sense of divergence between corporate and consumer services.
  • Consumers: DIY, user-generated content, web applications.
  • Businesses: focus on core-business, (outsource) ICT-services.

Hence telecoms operators like KPN and BT trying to focus on a low cost high-bandwidth network for consumers and at the same time trying to deliver ICT services to corporations.

No wonder KPN would like to buy an asset like Getronics. From a quality point of view, other candidates may make more sense, e.g. LogicaCMG (which seems to be struggling building international coverage) or Atos Origin.

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