Saturday, October 01, 2005

Bloggers beat telcos

This week's 'Den Haag Telecom 2005' and the preceding evening seminar in Amsterdam, hosted by Citynet (many links there) showed some insightful (if not really new) reasoning from high-profile bloggers versus not more than post-bubble vagueness from telco officials.

James Enck (EuroTelcoBlog) talked about the 'Attack from Cyberspace', i.e. Skype/eBay, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, AOL. And then, who knows what News Corp and are up to.
Martin Geddes (Telepocalypse) was equally pessimistic on incumbent telcos in his expansion of David Isenberg's concept 'The Stupid Network'.

The telco guys disappointed. They sounded like they were explaining (in 2001) what went wrong (when the bubble popped in 2000).

Michiel Buitelaar (KPN): "No longer will TV companies decide at what time I should watch a certain program." And also: "People do not want to ADSL, they want to access the internet."

Alert the media.

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