Monday, October 31, 2005

T.I.M. diary for November 2005

º Sprint Nextel: reseller/MVNO deal with Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox (rumoured Nov 1)
º Sonofon (Telenor) launches sub-brand (Nov 1)
º O2 (Isle of Man) and Cingular (3 markets) launch HSDPA (Nov 1)
º Amp’s Mobile (MVNO on Verizon Wireless network) launches (early Nov)
º SureWest rolls out IPTV (with HDTV)
º KPN must introduce WLR
º Orange/FT close the Amena acquisition (mid Nov)
º San Francisco (early Nov) and Scottsdale (Az) (Nov 15) decide on muniwifi contracts
º The Enhanced Wireless Consortium (Intel et al) present an 802.11n proposal (up to 600 Mbps?) to the IEEE
º WiMAX Forum’s Cetecom starts certification for 802.16d products (Nov/Dec)
º Samsung presents WiBro at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit
º Bangladesh: deadline for 5th mobile license (Nov 17)
º Deadline for BWA license offers Brasil (Nov 21) and Ireland (Nov 29)
º Conferences: WiMAX Forum (Nov 7-11, Beijing), eNederland (Nov 8, Zeist), Morgan Stanley TMT Conference (Nov 16-18)
º Earnings: Versatel (Nov 2), KPN (Nov 7), Telecom Italia (Nov 8), Deutsche Telekom (Nov 9), BT (Nov 10), Vodafone (Nov 15), Telefonica (Nov 16), Thus (Nov 21)

º Google: resumes book scanning for Google Print Publisher (Nov 1)
º Convera launches Excalibur (vertical search, Nov 1)
º formally ends its placement deal with (Nov 9)
º Launch of Pajamas Media (blog network; mid Nov)
º Launch of Congoo (search engine with free promotional premium content)

º Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox: rumoured deal with Sprint Nextel for reselling services (Nov 1)
º Sogecable: launch of free-to-air channel ‘Cuatro’ (Nov 4)
º XM and DirecTV launch alliance (72 XM stations on DirecTV, Nov 15)
º 2nd Meeting of the Nielsen Media Research ads council
º Nielsen Outdoor (VNU) releases Chicago trial results, starts selling ratings
º Arbitron expects new deals for Project Apollo sponsorships
º Coca-Cola international ad account is pitched for
º Conferences: Arbitron Advertiser Council (Nov 9-10, Washington), Morgan Stanley TMT Conference (Nov 16-18), Online Information 2005 (Londen, Nov 29-Dec 1)
º Movie releases: Chicken Little (Disney, Nov 4), V for Vendetta (Warner, Nov 4), Family Stone (Fox, Nov 4), Derailed (Weinsteins, Nov 11), Jarhead (Universal, Nov 11), Walk the Line (Fox, Nov 18), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Warner), Polar Express (Warner, re-release)
º DVD releases: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Warner, Nov 8), March of the Penguins (Warner, Nov 29)
º Earnings: Viacom (Nov 1), Time Warner (Nov 2), Vivendi Universal (Nov 3 preliminary, Nov 17 full), Wolters Kluwer (Nov 9), Reed Elsevier (trading update, Nov 17)

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