Thursday, October 13, 2005

Convergence is happening

Convergence is actually happening - a lot. It is coming in many guises. A short overview from the past few weeks:
  • Deutsche Telekom: have two flat-rate subscriptions for the price of one (10 EUR/mo) from T-Com and T-Mobile. Free F2F calling locally and free M2F calling in two selcted towns.
  • Mobistar, part of Orange in Belgium, introduces ADSL + VoIP. Discounts for mobiel subscribers.
  • Verizon Wireless introduces a Samsung music phone.
  • KPN orders triple play gear from Alcatel.
  • T-Mobile introduces web'n'walk, lastly in the UK.
  • KT Corp will trial a converged network for triple play services.
  • Cingular is rumored to be working on an UMA phone for fixed, cellular (HSDPA) and WiFi access.
  • BT introduces Datazone: datacards for access through WiFi or 3G networks.
  • Google, at its cooperation with NASA, metioned 'bio-info-nano' convergence, whatever that may be.
  • Woosh, using IPWireless gear, starts VoIP over TD-CDMA.
  • China Unicom trials BridgePort for VoIP over wireless.

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