Friday, October 21, 2005

Update on user-generated content

Here are some of the deals for user-generated content and related services (blogs, podcasts, vlogs, etc.), introduced by the dominant players so far this year.

  • Introduces RSS Reader (beta).
  • Introduces Blog Search (beta).
  • Introduces Google Talk for IM and VoIM.
  • Introduces AdSense for RSS Feeds (beta)
  • Introduces Video Search (beta).
  • Introduces Upload Video (beta).
  • Participates in Al Gore's and Joel Hyatt's Current TV, which broadcasts 'viewer created content' (VC2) and updates from Google's top search queries.


  • Expands Yahoo! News Search to include blogs from, photos from Flickr and links from MyWeb.
  • Introduces Yahoo! Podcasts (RSS, search).
  • Announces interoperability of Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger (next summer).
  • Introduces Yahoo! Audio Search (includes podcasts) into video search (beta).
  • Trials blog search in South Korea.


  • Starts buying blog statistics from Intelliseek.
  • Acquires the Weblogs Inc network from Jason Calacanis.
  • AIM closes distribution alliances with blog boster Six Apart and web log
  • Distribution alliances of AIM with LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Starts podcasts.


  • MTV bought iFilm, which produces a.o. user generated content.
  • MTV and Cisco introduce the Digital Incubator to feed the new college network mtvU Über with user-generated content
  • introduces blogs centered around TV shows.

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