Friday, November 25, 2005

Murdoch's passion for news

Rupert Murdoch, in an utterly unreadable 'interview' with Hollywood Reporter, displays his 'passion for news'.

THR: Have you used news as a catalyst for change?
Murdoch: No, I just think that if people know, objectively, everything that's happening -- if they know alternative views about what's happening -- then the democracy wins.

The piece reads more like an hagiography, which is interesting because The Hollywood Reporter is owned by VNU. VNU also owns Nielsen Media Research, which News Corp battles through the 'independent' Don't Count Us Out group.

One thing could be of interest. Murdoch states he will not consider a telco merger or takeover, as he has DirecTV/Sky. For two-way connectivity he hails Sprint Nextel for its WIMAX-related spectrum assets.

I suppose adding Sprint Nextel would land him the quadruple play, but how would that combine with the Sprint/cable deal? A combined cable/satellite assault of the Bells?

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