Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wednesday Media Digest

Music, film:
* Distribution: Universal Music on Vodafone live!; Warner Music deal with Snocap (legal P2P); Warner starts ‘Cordless Recordings’ label for sale online, via mobile or legal P2P; AOL and Warner start ‘In2TV’, online video on PC or TV, high-quality with AOL Hi-Q format (P2P software from Kontiki, sponsored by GM); Wal-Mart plans in-store kiosks for film-downloads

Video, time/place-shift:
* Deal TiVo with Yahoo! (internet content to TV, remote programming)

* Newspapers: circulation Independent on Sunday +13.3% since tabloid launch (mid-October), +7.3% yoy; Sunday Telegraph (2 new mags Nov 6) -4.0% mom and -3.5% yoy, Observer (Berliner format in 2006) +3.1% mom and -0.3% yoy, Sunday Times (free books, DVDs) +2.1% mom and +2.9% yoy (Audit Bureau of Circulations)

* M&A: Knight Ridder for sale

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