Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wednesday Internet Digest

o Technology: LookSmart intros 161 vertical search engines

o 627m shoppers worldwide = penetration 10% (ACNielsen survey of 21,100 in 38 markets; nr 1: Dld, UK; nr 1: books; nr 1: cc)
o spending on content US 05H1: 987m (+15.7%) (comScore/OPA)
o Holidays US: +18% to 26 bn, full year $79 mrd (Jupiter)

Blogs, podcasts, vlogs:
o intro vlogs by for iTunes video
o launch of Revver (attaches ads to vlogs)

RSS, tags, sharing:
o AOL intros video RSS feeds in video search
o intr MSN Messenger Buddy by Volkskrant

o MSN joins Open Content Alliance (with Yahoo!, HP, Adobe, Libraries)
o Google intros interviews from Academy of TV Arts on Google Video; resumes scanning for Google Print Library

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