Friday, November 18, 2005

Search: how to lock-in

Nicholas Carr concluded search is a commodity. There is little one can do about that. Carr mentions only three tricks:

  • Embed a toolbar on the desktop.
  • Personalize, the way Yahoo! works My Search 2.0.
  • Embed the search engine in a portal.

I suppose one could think of a few more ways:

  • Marketing: boast your index size. Google quit doing this, apparently after having been leap-frogged by Yahoo! in August.
  • Advertising: probably a last resort.
  • Relevancy, for both organic (algorithmic) and sponsored results. Google so far is winning this game. Personalization + AI could add to this. By the way, Google has its Personalized Search also.
  • Loyalty points: maybe a strategy for the future.

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