Wednesday, November 30, 2005

T.I.M. diary for December 2005


* AT&T (formerly SBC) ticker change to T (Dec 1), kicks-off campaign
* Verizon closes MCI acquisition
* Spin-off fixed from Alltel decided
* BPL: ETSI decides on OPERA-standard

Wireless - cellular:
* French regulator is set to fine mobile operators for price-fixing (Dec 1)
* Denmark re-auctions fourth 3G-license (Dec 2)
* Deadline for offers for Telsim (Turkey) (Dec 5)
* eircom closes Meteor acquisition
* Millicom launches ‘Tigo’ in Bolivia, BeST launches in Belarus, Amp’d Mobile (MVNO on Verizon Wireless) launches, Mobile ESPN (MVNO from Disney on Sprint) launches
* Cingualr starts video with Real

Wireless – long-range broadband:
* Ireland issues third license
* WiMAX: Ikatel (FT) launches in Mali, Mauritius has nationwide coverage, Yozan launches in Tokio (with Airspan), Intel starts trial in the Filippines

IP, convergence:
* TI/TIM launch videocalling
* TV-o-DSL: TI launches ‘Alice Home TV’ (Dec 2), China Telecom launches, KPN starts trial
* IPTV: Het Net (KPN) intros ‘’, AOL intros ‘TMZ’ with Warner (entertainment, news), Yahoo! launches video player
* VoIP: deadline RfP from CableLabs for VoIP peering (Dec 14), KPN launches ‘InternetPlusBellen’ dual play, Skype and Pacific Internet launch cobranded version
* wVoIP: BT launches Fusion handset; Japan decides on regulation

* FTTx: City of Helmond (Netherlands) advises over FTTH

* Belgacom offering period for Telindus (Dec 5-20)

* IPO: Eutelsat (subscribing ends Dec 1), Telecom Egypt (pricing Dec 7, trading Dec 14), So-net (Sony Communications Network; pricing Dec 8, trading Dec 20), UOL (trading Dec 16)


Web 2.0:
* Deadline for submissions to MTV’s ‘Digital Incubator’ vlog program for ‘mtvuÜber’


* VNU trading statement (Dec 14)
* Nielsen starts issuing DVR ratings (Dec 26)
* Wolters Kluwer closes NDC-IM acquisition

* FCC to decide on Adelphia sale to TWC/Comcast

* Microsoft launches Xbox 360 in Europe (Dec 2) and Japan (Dec 10)
* Sling Media intros Windows Mobile version

* Legal P2P: Mashboxx starts test, Grokster relaunches

* Premiere (Germany) launches HDTV

* Theater releases: Narnia (Disney, Dec 7 in London and Dec 9 in N-America), Big Momma’s House 2 (Fox/Regency, Dec 16), The Producers (Universal, Dec 21), Munich (DreamWorks, Dec 23), The Exorcism of Smiley Rose (Sony)
* DVD-releases: Dukes of Hazzard (Warner, Dec 6)

* Wegener AGM for restructuring finprefs

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