Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wednesday Internet Digest

* keyword prices October +1% mom and -6% yoy to average $1.45 (Fathom)
* (Telegraaf) starts drop-off store Speurders Store (rev sharing: 64/36 owner/Speurders)

* click fraud: Optimal iQ intros (stats and info)

User-generated content, mash-ups (blogs, podcasts, vlogs):
* IBM intro podcasts

RSS, tags, sharing:
Microsoft buys FolderShare (share docs, pictures) from ByteTaxi

* Microsoft works with British Library (13m books): 100k books = 25m pages in 2006
* Amazon plans Amazon Pages (online access to (part) of book) and Amazon Upgrade (online access extra for physical book buyers)
* Random House (Bertelsmann) plans placing books online (for-pay)

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