Friday, November 18, 2005

P2P VoIP offerings exploding

From recent days:
  • Sony starts IVE (pron. 'Ivy') - Instant Video Everywhere (there is an earlier business version). Unlimited free VoIP + video = VoIP Plus, technology from GlowPoint. PC-based, software pre-installed on Vaio BX laptops. Video is interoperable with other standards-based offerings. Operator supported. Add-ons available for 10 or 20 $/mo.
  • Yak Communications launches yakForFree. Free unlimited on-net VoIP (yackety-yack) with calling features and video. PC-based softphone, but adapter available. Paid services for calls to fixed and cellular (unlimied US-calling for 20 $/mo, prepaid calling for 2 c/min).
  • Fairytel launches in Austria. Monthly subscription for 1 euro. Free on-net, 1.5 c/min to Austrian fixed lines, 15 c/min to Austrian mobiles, 2 c/min to Western-European fixed lines and 6 c/min to the East. Adapter-based, into which the regular phone plugs in.
  • For several months in beta now: VoipBuster. Free on-net. During the trial, off-net to fixed lines in several countries (Europe and US) is free for one minute. Once it exits beta, off-net will be free and unlimited, as long as you have deposited EUR 10.
  • BroadVoice was elected No. 1 VoIP provider by Wired Magazine for its quality, price, free features and convenience.
  • Finally, iPhone2 wants to move to the NASDAQ. VoIP + video, softphone.

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