Thursday, October 01, 2015

FTTH-related news round-up

  • In the Netherlands, CIF is reaching the limits of growth, owning a range of small cable companies. Now they are looking to do rural FTTH, with partners, in a ‘line-rental’ model.
  • FTTH is expanding in South Africa, of all places.
  • Reggeborgh is selling a majority stake of Deutsche Glasfaser to KKR. Is that an early exit or a way to raise massive funds?
  • Impressive cost savings from NG-PON2. It is being trialed by Vodafone.
  • Structural separation in the UK? Vodafone appears to be the company with the strongest belief in both FTTH and Open Access. People cannot even agree on the UK’s performance in an international perspective. Of course, BT claims a top position, but others, speaking from experience, disagree strongly.
  • A Hyperoptic survey points to real estate value increase from FTTP.
  • Italy seems to be committed to nationwide FTTH, but remains a bit unclear on where they are.
  • Google Fiber: a new unit in Alphabet and much more than a ‘hobby’Challenged by Google, several operators are doing cross-state FTTH now: AT&T, TDS, CenturyLink and others. Comcast’s 2 Gb/s service: over FTTH and later over Docsis 3.1? It remains somewhat unclear. And the price is pretty outrageous.
  • Speculation in Australia over NBN Co returning to FTTP, with Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister.
  • Sandvine’s September 2015 edition of Global Internet Phenomena Report.
  • The ITU State of Broadband 2015 report: 148 nations have an NBN plans.
  • Akamai’s latest State of the Internet report.