Sunday, December 26, 2021

Week 51 in Telecoms, Internet, Media


  • Orange BE:
    • Agrees acquisition of VOO (75% minus 1 share) with Nethys based on EUR 1.8b EV to be financed through intra-group loan (= 9.5x EBITDA or 6.5x post synergies [ie EBITDA grows from EUR 190 to 275m ie synergies 85m EUR/annum]), synergies mainly from transfering VOO MVNO to Orange
    • commits to developing WBCC ( VOO's call centre), strengthen BeTV
    • Nethys retains minority stake & governance rights to guarantee implementation of industrial & social project; Orange offers Nethys possibility to convert its stake in VOO into Orange BE shares
    • to close 2022
  • United Internet: Ralph Dommermuth expands stake by 15.2m shares (7.84%), total stake to 50.10%; will not make tender offer for further 17m shares
  • Polsat Plus Group
    • Strategy update:
      • plans expansion into clean energy (sun, wind, biomass, building a complete value chain of a hydrogen-based economy, possibly small modular reactors (nuclear fission)) as pillar #3 besides connectivity & content
      • talks with ZE PAK (to acquire assets used for electric energy production based on low & zero-emission technologies) and Elektrim, Embud 2, others (to acquire real estate assets)
      • To acquire 67% of PAK Polska Czysta Energia from ZE PAK (Zygmunt Solorz 66%) for PLN 800m + PLN 355m debt and 66.94% of Port Praski (Embud) for PLN 879m less net cash PLN 167m
      • plans clean energy investments PLN 5.5b 2022-26 (PLN 5b for 1 GW green power by 2026; PLN 0.5b for hydrogen-based economy chain), div pay-outs 2022-24 >= 3 PLN/share (1 PLN/annum over 2021, 2022, 2023)
      • "Our goal is to effectively build revenue from the sale of products, services and commodities to our customers.", cross-selling, "Our goal is to maintain our audience share at a stable level and consistently enhance our viewer profile. (...) The second crucial element in building the segment's value is the widest possible distribution of produced and purchased TV content, both in terms of the customer groups it reaches (FTA, pay TV and online access) and the technologies they use (terrestrial, satellite, Internet, mobile)"
    • To acquire 32,005,866 shares from Embud 2, max 35 PLN/share
    • Moody's places Ba1 under review for downgrade over relaxed financial policy for investments [see 211220]
  • Apple: Moody's raises rating to Aaa, outlook stable on exceptional liquidity, robust earnings, very strong business profile    
  • Micorosoft Acquires Xandr (ad unit of WarnerMedia) from AT&T 
  • Oracle offer for Cerner (medical records): 95 $/share cash = $28.3b (equity value)

Networks & wholesale

  • Irish DECC NBP update Winter 2021
  • BIPT first report on fixed & mobile coverage in BE (Kwalitatieve studie van vaste en mobiele breedbandnetwerken in België)
  • Open Dutch Fiber plans roll-out in Den Haag (areas Transvaalkwartier, Rustenburg, Oostbroek, Groente-en Fruitmarkt, Leyenburg, Moerwijk), 28k premises, start early 2022, activation from April 2022, finish end 2022 [plan # 12, city #11, total 333k premises]
  • Vodafone UK considers #3 FTTP network provider (besides CityFibre & BT Openreach) for London & rural within 18 mo
  • BAI Communications (shared neutral host network (4G/5G and WiFi) in London Underground) signs 3 UK & EE (BT) as customers

Television/Video, connected car

  • GCI (MSO Alaska) delays traditional cable TV service [DVB-C] sunset, replaced by Yukon TV streaming service [IPTV]
  • Telenet: Extends leasing contract for Horizon 4 platform & Horizon Go app with Liberty Global Technology Services for 1 yr until 221231, total cost EUR 20.4m
  • EC approves WarnerMedia-Discovery merger (unconditional)
  • ViacomCBS: BET+ plans to add AVOD tier
  • Ampere Analytics report on number of originals release per quarter: 21Q4 record quarter with 143
  • Politico article on connected cars:
    • Apple (CarPlay, Project Titan (Apple Car))
    • Google (Android Auto, Google Automotive Services (GAS), Waymo; partnership with Ford, GM, Stellantis (Chrysler, RAM, Jeep, Plymouth), Volvo, Hinda, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance)
    • Amazon (Alexa Auto, Echo Auto (speaker), Zoox (autonomous taxis), Rivian (stake; exclusive right to vans for 4 yr); partnerships with GM, BMW, Audi, Jeep, Landrover) 


  • ACM delays local access market analysis to 22Q1 (March)
  • EC opens investigation of CTU (CZ) plan for ex-ante regulation based on joint dominance of MNOs
  • Apple: ACM (NL) orders App Store conditions adjustments for dating apps over violating competition rules (to allow free choice of payment system for in-app purchases) 

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Polsat Plus Group: clean energy as energy transition play and third pillar

Polsat Plus Group strategy update

  • Strategy:
    • plans expansion into clean energy (sun, wind, biomass, building a complete value chain of a hydrogen-based economy, possibly small modular reactors (nuclear fission)) as pillar #3 besides connectivity (focus 5G) & content
    • invest in Port Praski project in Warsaw, 38 ha, as investment opportunity
    • plans clean energy investments PLN 5.5b 2022-26 (PLN 5b for 1 GW green power by 2026; PLN 0.5b for hydrogen-based economy chain)
    • "Our goal is to effectively build revenue from the sale of products, services and commodities to our customers."
    • cross-selling
    • "Our goal is to maintain our audience share at a stable level and consistently enhance our viewer profile. (...) The second crucial element in building the segment's value is the widest possible distribution of produced and purchased TV content, both in terms of the customer groups it reaches (FTA, pay TV and online access) and the technologies they use (terrestrial, satellite, Internet, mobile)"
  • Dividend policy: div pay-outs 2022-24 >= 3 PLN/share (1 PLN/annum over 2021, 2022, 2023)
  • Disclosures regarding acquisition talks: talks with ZE PAK (to acquire assets used for electric energy production based on low & zero-emission technologies) and Elektrim, Embud 2, others (to acquire real estate assets)
  • Preliminary agreements on acquisitions: to acquire 67% of ZE PAK for PLN 193,104,000.00 (EUR 41.7m) and 66.94% of Port Praski (Embud) for PLN 572,211,844.00 (EUR 124m) and 32% of Pantanomo (Tobe) for PLN 307,160,830.00 (EUR 66.4m)

SaskTel launches digital-only sub-brand Lüm Mobile

SaskTel launches new digital mobile service: Lüm Mobile

  • fully digital, self-serve, automated support, network hosted in the cloud (based on Alepo’s Zero-Touch Network Solution: Digital BSS, omnichannel chatbot support, online charging, policy control, promotions management, etc)
  • prepaid (no contract, no expiration), unlimited usage available as add-on, no caps, no throttling
  • loyalty program Bloom with Lüm
Pricing appears (very) expensive.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Week 50 in Telecoms, Internet, Media


  • KPN
  • DT
  • TIM
    • Lowers outlook 2021: Domestic BU organic EBITDA AL LDD decline (from HSD decline) due to lower rev (from fixed & DAZN partnership); outlook Brazil BU remains MSD growth; Group organic SR to decline LSD (maintained), net debt AL EUR 17.6b
    • Reuters: Vivendi (24%) to propose new board, alternative to KKR takeover
    • CEO Luigi Gubitosi steps down with immediate effect [see 211129], severance package EUR 6.9m; ad hoc committee reviews KKR proposal [see 211121]
  • BT: Altice UK (Patrick Drahi) raises stake to 18.0%, no intention to make offer (regulatory standstill period 6 mo); National Security and Investment Act to come into force Jan 2022 (could be used to block a BT takeover)
  • Proximus
    • Plans IPO of TeleSign at NASDAQ via SPAC merger (with North Atlantic Acquisition Corporation) at EV $1.3b, to raise $487m, Proximus to retain 66.5% stake; target rev $1.1b by 2026 (2021: $391m)
    • Scarlet (100 employees) to be fully integrated
  • Orange BE: Enodia (controls VOO) supports sale to Orange BE
  • Iliad: Play raises PLN 5.5b debt for UPC PL acquisition
  • 3 Group Europe: CMA (UK) on possible remedies for sale of towers by 3 UK to Cellnex, consultation until 220114, decision by March 2022, merger would create near-duopoly (Cellnex + CTIL >90% of passive infra)
  • Warner Music Group: Acquires 300 Entertainment, rumored price $400m - Price $400m in cash confirmed
  • Sony Music acquires Bruce Springsteen's catalog (publishing to Sony Music Publishing), rumored price $500-600m [see211102]
  • Spotify: Acquires Whooshkaa (Australia; tech platform converts radio content into podcast)
  • Google
    • Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners (Alphabet spin-off) acquires majority stake in Dense Air Networks (RAN-as-a-Service; builds, owns & operates shared small cell networks as neutral host networks), Airspan retain minority stake; SIP pays $100m (also to finance borderless classroom: Private Wireless for unnamed city school district)
    • Sidewalk Labs (products Pebble, Mesa, Delve, Affordable Electrification) to be folded into Google, to spin out Canopy Buildings
  • Meta Platforms: Adds Messenger support (incl audio calls) to Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses
  • Silverflow: Raises $17m


  • OpenVault Broadband Insights (OBVI) report 21Q3 (fixed): weighted average data usage 435 GB/mo (+13% yoy) (458 for flat-rate subs, 419 for usage-based subs); median usage 278 GB/mo (+21% yoy) (308 for flat-rate, 257 for usage-based); power users (>1 TB/mo) 10.7%, extreme power users (>2 TB/mo) 1.43%; 11.4% take >1 Gb/s tiers
  • DT: Networks update Telekom DE    
  • OTE (DT) plans 3m FTTP premises by 2027 (coverage to ~65%, currently 560k lines), EUR 3b; free upgrade for existing subs
  • Deutsche Glasfaser (EQT, OMERS) raises EUR 5.75b debt (3b Term Loan, 2.5n capex facility, 250m revolving credit facility) + EUR 1.5b uncommitted accordion credit facility from Axa IM Alts, Generali Global Infrastructure, Kommunalkredit, LBBW, National Bank of Austria to expand by 4m lines by 2025
  • KKR: Acquires 49% of Reintel (2021E: EBITDA EUR 104m) from Red Electrica (ES), EUR 971m
  • Gigaclear (Infracapital) raises GBP 190m debt
  • Be Fibre (Digital Infrastructure) raises GBP 100m from Basalt Infrastructure Partners; target 1m premises in 6 yr
  • Neos Networks (formerly SSE Enterprise Telecoms; = SSE 50%, Infracapital 50%; unbundled 550 BT exchanges, plans to add 57, targets all 1000 remaining BT exchanges long term) plans metro access networks (FTTO) in 4 cities: Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, London; builds backbone for 3 UK; to build FTTI for Oxford
  • Hyperoptic plans connections for smart home to Aspen Grove development in Cardiff (214 properties)
  • B4RN 10 year anniversary: 20k HP, 9k subs


  • 3GPP approved Release 18 (Rel-18) package = 5G Advanced
  • Reuters: 4 MNOs Malaysia (Celcom Axiata, Digi, Maxis, U Mobile) ask gvt to allow 2 (not 1) 5G networks, to be managed by consortia
  • Ericsson ConsumerLab 10 Hot Consumer Trends report 2030 - The Everyspace Plaza
  • RCR Wireless report Is it really time to talk about 6G?
  • GSA 5G year in Review – Webinar Presentation
    • 481 operators in 144 countries investing in 5G, 189 operators in 74 countries launched 5G (177 mobile, r81 FWA), 98 operators invest in SA 5G o/w 47 actively deploying
    • 5G chipsets: 47 processors/platforms, 17 commercially available modems
    • >1200 announced devices o/w >1000 commercially available from >170 vendors o/w commercially available from 120
      • 596 phones (530 commercially available) from 48 vendors (commercially available from 40)
      • 207 FWA devices (128 indoor, 79 outdoor) from 71 vendors o/w 97 commercially available from 41 vendors 


  • POST Luxembourg plans cloud TV (with Alteox Media Consulting)
  • Canal+ PL plans STB upgrade (for sat-TV)
  • T-Mobile US launches TVision Hub (dongle, manufactured by SEI Robotics) with Google TV (replacing Android TV), $50 for FWA subs
  • Enders Analysis report: streamers prodco budget to decline in Europe in 2022 as penetrations top out; current HH penetrations: Netflix (US 58%, UK 57%, Nordics 58%, DE 29%, FR 28%, ES 21%, IT 15%), Prime Video (US 58%, UK 42%, DE 33%, FR 16%, ES 9%, IT 11%, Nordics 4%), Disney+ (US 24%, Nordics 26%, UK 17%, DE 10%, FR 8%, ES 4%, IT 4%); US studio model: streamers buy IP from prodcos; European model: prodcos hold on to IP; RTL may make offer for ProSieben in 2022
  • Bloomberg: CNN+ to launch March 2022, to cost 6 $/mo, to pull content away from HBO Max, to include lifestyle-related content
  • Videoland (RTL) to raise prices 220118, Basis, Plus, Premium from 5, 8, 10 to 5, 9, 11 EUR/mo


  • Security: Proximus launches Cyber Care, with AXA, 5 EUR/mo/HH for support services
  • Telecoms: Belgian parliament approves new Telecoms Law, based on EU EECC (Telecomcode)
  • Platforms
    • DSA approved by EP's IMCO
    • CMA (UK) interim report: Google and Apple have "vice-like grip" on mobile devices with control over OSs, app stores, browsers; comments due 220207, final report June 2022
    • EP approves DMA (negotiations with EU Council to start): regulates gatekeepers (rev >EUR 8b, market cap >EUR 80b) providing core platform services (online intermediation services, social networks, search engines, operating systems, online advertising services, cloud computing, video-sharing services), enforced by EC, restrictions on killer acquisitions, fines 4-20% of annual rev
    • Datatilsynet (NO) fines Grindr NOK 65m (EUR 6m) for illegal data sharing with marketers (without opt-out) [see 200114]
    • CNIL (FR) orders Clearview AI to delete of French citizens for violating GDPR

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Telekom Deutschland (Deutsche Telekom) network update

"Turbo for fiber and 5G"

  • Fixed:
    • added 1.2m FTTH lines (70k km) in 2021 (current total 650k km)
    • target to add 2m in 2022, 2.5m from 2024, total 10m by 2024
    • target nationwide coverage by 2030 incl. 8m lines in towns <20k pops and 4m rural lines from GlasfaserPlus JV
  • Mobile:
    • adde6 6k 5G antennae in 2021, 5G pops coverage 90% (63k antennae o/w 3500 in 3.6 GHz band in 1200 locations in 140 cities)
    • target 90% area coverage by 2025
    • demos live concert over SA 5G (singer and band at different locations), plans SA 5G in other bands (enables slicing and latency <10 ms)
  • CSR:
    • target CO2 neutral by 2025
    • to double energy efficiency by 2024 (from closing 3G and other)
    • target climate neutrality along the entire supply chain by 2040

Monday, December 13, 2021

Week 49 in Telecoms, Internet, Media


  • T-Mobile NL
    • Offering memorandum: WP/AP Telecom Holdings IV announces offering of Senior Secured Notes (EUR 800m due 2028) and WP/AP Telecom Holdings III announces offering of Senior Notes (EUR 550m due 2029)
    • Moody's rates guaranteed sr secured notes from WP/AP Telecom Holdings IV (EUR 800m due 2028) B1 and guaranteed sr secured notes from WP/AP Telecom Holdings III (T-Mobile NL) (EUR 550m due 2029) Caa1 and revolving sr secured revolving credit facility (RCF; EUR 700m due 2028) B1; outlook stable (assumes leverage of 6.4x at closing to be reduced to 6.0x by 2023; upward rating pressure is currently limited); proceeds to be used to finance takeover (plus fees & expenses); corporate family rating (CFR) B2; probability of default rating (PDR) B2-PD; Term Loan B EUR 2.4b (guaranteed sr secured)
  • Orange: Rumor: discussed but abandoned merger plan with Vodafone (CHQ in NL)


  • KPN, APG, Glaspoort extend Glaspoort scope by 170 premises, to be 70/30 financed by debt/equity; KPN to receive EUR 85m pre-tax for sale of 50% (EUR 30m initial, EUR 55m in annual installments) - Total 920k [or 930k] FTTH + 225k FTTO
  • Virgin Media O2 plans replacing HFC with FTTP (XGS-PON) in 3 trial cities: Stoke, Salisbury, Wakefield (currently 14.3m HFC lines, 1m FTTP lines)
  • Liberty Networks Germany (brand helloFiber) plans first FTTP project in Petershagen-Eggersdorf (Brandenburg): 7k premises in 2 yr; plans 5 tiers: Fliegen (1000/500 Mb/s for 90 EUR/mo, promo 6 mo for 25; 1/1 Gb/s 10 EUR/mo extra), Sprinten (600/300 Mb/s for 80 EUR/mo, promo 6 mo for 25, 600/600 10 EUR/mo extra), Rennen (400/200 Mb/s for 50 EUR/mo, promo 6 mo for 30; 400/400 for 5 EUR/mo extra; includes 2 phone lines), Starten (300/150 Mb/s for 45 EUR/mo, promo 6 mo for 25; 300/300 for 5 EUR/mo; includes 2 phone lines), Flizen [same as Fliegen, includes 2 phone line]; promotes Waipu.YV as add-on; flat-rate mobile add-on 15 EUR/mo
  • 1&1: buys access (3800 rooftops & towers until YE 2025, also new locations, max 5k towers, lease for 20 yr with options for extension) from Vantage Towers (= Vodafone) and 1&1 Versatel (= United Internet) (fiber, 4 datacenters for 5G Core network + >500 decentralised datacenters to connetc antennae; lease until YE 2050; Open RAN network functions to be located in a private cloud, controlled by software); outlook 2022: SR EUR 3.2b, EBITDA flat (2021E: 670m) incl initial 5G costs 30-70m), capex 400m; initial 5G costs 2021 raised from 30 to 40m


  • SKO (NL) report Nov 2021: living room TV usage -13% yoy (live linear -13%, +10%, on demand -12%)
  • BT: FT: plan to sell BT Sport to DAZN stalled; Telegraph: considers creating JV with Discovery
  • VodafoneZiggo: Content deal with ViacomCBS for Ziggo Movies & Series (L and XL; SVOD): content from CBS, Showtime, Paramount Pictures (incl some exclusive series or seasons); also with WarnerMedia for some HBO series
  • Liberty Media: Distr deal for F1 TV app with Youfone (NL, FVNO on KPN), platform integration
  • Viaplay: To launch in NL 220301, 14 EUR/mo; stand-alone distr OTT and multi-yr distr deals with VZ & KPN (part of entertainment bundle [KPN Hussel]); 3 yr distr deal with NOS (NPO) for Formula 1: Zandvoort GP live, 3 min highlights from all other qualifiers, 15 min highlights from all other races - Appoints Kennard Bos for originals in NL - Talks with Delta Fiber and T-Mobile NL for distr
  • NBCU: Peacock to have exclusive streaming rights for 4 mo after theatrical window (45 days) from 2022 for films from Universal Pictures, Focus Features, Illumination, DreamWorks Animation; after Peacock rights move to Prime Video for 10 mo
  • Walt Disney: Report: applies flexible windowing strategy (exclusive theatrical window varies between 30 and 68 days)
  • ViacomCBS
    • Plans to separate content by prodco: CBS, Viacom (incl Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central), Paramount will live on Paramount+, Pluto TV, or Showtime
    • Paramount+ adds live broadcast channels (24/7 Laughs, Adult Animation, All Day Drama, Animation Favorites, Black Voices, Crime & Justice, History & Undiscovered, Kids & Family Fun, Nostalgic Hits, PAW Patrol, Preschool Corner, Reality TV: Competition, Reality TV: Shores, SpongeBob Universe, Star Trek, Survivor, The Challenge, TV Classics
  • Discovery: Variety interview with David Zaslav; LT target 200-250m streaming subs


  • Equinix: Acquires MainOne (Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire; #4 datacenter to open 22Q1; submarine cable Lagos-Portugal; fiber to 65 PoPs; 800 customers; 500 employees; annualised rev $60m), $320m = 14x EBITA, to close 22Q1
  • AWS outage at US-EAST-1 Region


  • Bloomberg & BIJ: Mitto (CH, omnichannel messaging solutions) sells access to private surveillance companiesto track specific users (secret op ran by COO Ilja Gorelik), exploits vulnerabilities in SS7 (telecom protocol) - Mitto denies, starts internal investigation - Swiss regulator plans investigation
  • Orange Cyberdefense report (Security Navigator 2022): cyberattacks against enterprises +13% yoy in Oct 2021
  • Vodafone Business (with Generali, Accenture) launches cyber insurance for SMEs


  • IonQ plans to use barium ions as qubits
  • QSAFE (Quantum Network System Architecture for Europe; DT, Telefonica, Thales, Thales Alenia Space, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology) consortium to design European Quantum Communication Infrastructure (EuroQCI) for EC     


  • TIP's FIBr releases OpenBNG RFI, shortlists 8 vendors: APS Networks, Delta, Edgecore Networks, UfiSpace, Benu Networks, Capgemini Engineering, Casa Systems, RtBrick[see 211117]



  • Access
  • Copyright: YouTube: Copyright Transparency Report 21H1: 729m copyright claims (o/w 99% from Content ID) o/w 2.2m were overturned (uploaders win in 60% of objections)
  • Local content prouction quota: Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Apple agree with CSA (FR): to invest 20% of rev in French content (total 250-300m EUR/yr)
  • Platforms
    • Google: Partners with AFP to fight disinformation (Objectif Désinfox) in run-up to French presidential elections 2022
    • Amazon
      • Strategic Organizing Center files complaint at FTC: Amazon failing to clearly differentiate paid ads from organic listings in its search results
      • AGCM (IT) fines EUR 1.128b over abuse of market dominance in e-commerce logistics (favors FBA over others)
    • Facebook
      • Sued by Rohingya for $150b for allowing hate speech against them to spread (algorithms amplified hate speech, failed to invest in moderators and fact checkers, failed to take down posts or delete accounts that incited violence, failed to take appropriate and timely action despite warnings from charities and the media)
      • Instagram adds anti-addiction features: Take A Break, bulk deleting older photos/videos, parental controls - Plans optional chronological feed 2022
    • Microsoft: EU starts investigation of Nuance acquisition [see 210411] until 211221
    • Apple
      • Report: countersues Russian regulator FAS over obligation to allow developers to tell users about alternative payment systems
      • Appeals Court places stay on enforcement of injunction issued by lower court [see 210910]
    • Report: Life360 (location sharing app, 33m users) shares location data with ~12 brokers
    • General
      • EU compromise on DSA, IMCO vote 211213-14, no further amendments expected
      • Update to EU Code of Practice on Disinformation (self-regulatory tool) extended to March 2022
      • >200 US newspapers sue Google & Facebook over monopolising digital ads market
      • Inrupt (Tim Berners-Lee) raises $30m
      • US & UK plan data sharing agreement
      • EC proposes legislation to improve working conditions for platform workers (28m people); 5 criteria to classify workers ass employees (unless proven otherwise by the platform): remuneration, requirements such as wearing a uniform, overseeing performance, preventing workers from organizing their own working schedule, restricting the possibility to work for someone else.
      • US Senators (Chris Coons D-Del, Rob Portman R-Ohio, Amy Klobuchar D-Minn) propose Platform Accountability and Transparency Act (PATA): platforms >25 MAU obliged to share data with university-affiliated researchers, regulated by FTC, violators could potentially lose protections of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act
      • NYT report on diffilculty in creating platform regulation (1 Protec consumers & competition, 2 Privacy, disinformation & market abuse, 3. Democrats & Republicans can't agree on regulation, 4. Politicians don't understand tech, 5. Algorithms drive echo chambers)

Sunday, December 05, 2021

Week 48 in Telecoms, Internet, Media


  • Deutsche Telekom:
    • Handelsblatt: plans FTTP co-investments in home markets, first in Austria (EUR 150m for Telekom AT and partner each), also Poland
    • IFR: T-Mobile NL Term Loan B upsized to EUR 2.4b, plan EUR 1b high-yield bond
  • TIM:
    • CEO Luigi Gubitosi resigns, Pietro Labriola (TIM Brasil) appointed GM, with Salvatore Rossi (Chair) - Bloomberg: KKR considers joint offer with CVC - Reuters: union considers strike, wants to be involved (42500 employees)
    • FiberCop signs co-investment deal with AfinnaOne: secondary access fibre network (between TIM's cabinets and customers' homes) to connect FiberCop homes based on purchase (based on IRU for 20 yr) of dedicated equipment (primary & secondary splitters & fibre-optic links)
    • Reuters: Vivendi open to discuss IT gvt to get control of fixed-line network 
  • BT:
    • Rumor: Reliance Industries plans offer (denies)
    • Publishes BT Group Manifesto: Responsible (We aim to become the world’s most trusted connector of people, devices and machines), Inclusive (50% gender split among employees by 2030, with 25% coming from a non-white background and 17% with a disability), Sustainable
  • Proximus: Considers strategic options (incl IPO via SPAC) for TeleSign (2020: rev EUR 273 (+57%), direct marnin EUR 78m (+21%) [see 170425]
  • Amazon:
    • Report: benefits from investments in delivery (private cargo ships, making its own containers, leasing planes) to avoid supply chain issues 
    • MWPVL Int: added >450 fulfillment & sortation centers in US in 2 yr, total >930 ("Amazon has relied on a system where many packages are boxed in one facility and then sorted and shipped at another"); ShipMatrix: 98% of parcels is delivered next day
  • Facebook: CMA (UK) orders sale of Giphy [see 211129], considers appeal
  • Twitter: Founder Jack Dorsey exits as CEO; CTO Parag Agrawal to become CEO; Bret Taylor (Salesforce) to become Chair
  • Snap: Thornton Law Firm starts CLAS for share buyers (between 200722 and 211021) over misleading statements (impact form Apple's privacy changes) - Also by Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check


  • Bertelsmann: BMG acquires Mötley Crüe entire catalog, rumored price $150m
  • Vivendi: Canal+ deal with producers guilds FR: to invest EUR 600m in local movie production 2022-24 in exchange for earlier exclusive 9 mo window 6 mo after cinema release
  • Sony: Bloomberg: plans subscription bundle of PlayStation Now and PS Plus (codename Spartacus) spring 2022
  • NPO: To add 3 broadcast channels 211215: NPO 1 extra (special events, archive), NPO 2 extra (docus, cultural), NPO Politiek en Nieuws (politics, news, events, press conferences, sports)
  • Mediahuis: Acquires 50% stake in De Stroom (podcasts)
  • Spotify: WMG SEC filing on 2020/21: Spotify payments $954m = 18% of total rev (2019/20: 17%; 2018/19: 14%; 2017/18: 14%), Apple $689m = 13% (2019/20: 14%), YouTube $583m = 11% - MBW: 78% of music-related streams in 2020 were of tracks distributed by the 3 majors or Merlin (2019: 82%; 2018: 85%; 2017: 87%)
  • ViacomCBS: Pluto TV plans launch in SE, DK, NO 2022 via merger with Viafree (= NENT Group)
  • Lionsgate: Plans Lionsgate Play expansion to total 13-15 countries in SE Asia YE 2022 (currently in 8, Philippines to follow 22Q1)
  • Amazon: Prime Video plans expansion in SE Asia (office in Singapore, prodcos in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore)
  • Salto (France TV, M6, TF1): France TV considers pulling out because of proposed M6/TF1 merger
  • Conviva State of Streaming report Content Discovery 2021    


  • Microsoft launches Teams Essentials: new stand-alone version for SME, 4 $/user/mo (without Office)
  • Telekom DE (DT) starts Hybrid 5G trial for 800 fixed-line subs: hybrid DSL/FWA, 5G as free add-on (max 500 Mb/s) until August 2022: outdoor 5G receiver (free), Speedport router (EUR 170 or 6 EUR/mo)
  • Amazon (AWS re:Invent):
    • AWS (Amazon) launches AWS Private 5G (preview in US for CBRS (3.5 GHz) spectrum): managed service for enterprises, AWS delivers & maintains small cell radio units, servers, 5G Core & RAN software, SIM cards; automates the setup & deployment of the network and scales capacity on demand; no upfront fees or per-device costs (customers only pay for the network capacity & throughput they request); to deploy in days instead of months; first customers: DISH, Koch
    • Plans 18 new wind & solar energy projects in US (8), UK (1 wind in NI), FI (4 wind, total Nordics 950 MW), DE, IT (#3 solar), ES (4 solar), total 5.6 GW (total 274 projects for 12 GW or 33700 GWh, equivalent to 1 yr consumption by 3m US HH; targets 100% renewable energy by 2025) - Orders 116 MW wind power from Ørsted (DK) 
    • Order from Gilead Sciences - And from Roche - And from United Airlines - And from AIG - And Meta - And Discovery - And Aurora - And Fannie Mae - And Rivian - And Pfizer


  • Qualcomm (Snapdragon Tech Summit) launches Snapdragon 8 Gen 1: mobile platform for 5G, 10 Gb/s, WiFi 3.6 Gb/s, 8K HDR video (max 3.2 gigapixels/sec), Hexagon processor, to be adopted by global OEMs & brands (Black Shark, Honor, iQOO, Motorola, Nubia, OnePlus, OPPO, Realme, Redmi, SHARP, Sony Corp, vivo, Xiaomi, ZTE) for Android devices from end 2021 - Partners with GCP (Google) for Neural Architecture Search (NAS), enabling to create & optimize AI models automatically rather than manually - Launches Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 Gaming Platform (Razer first customer) and Snapdragon 8cx and 7c+ Gen 3 Compute Platform processors
  • Amazon (AWS re:Invent): Goldman Sachs launches GS Financial Cloud for Data with AWS for investment firms, giving access to market data & software tools - NASDAQ hires AWS to move exchanges N America to the cloud 2022 - AWS launches AWS Mainframe Modernization: migrate mainframe workloads to the cloud - Launches AWS Cloud WAN (for enterprises to build, manage & monitor a unified global network that seamlessly connects cloud and on-premises environments) - Launches gen-3 processor Graviton3    
  • Google: Rumor: Pixel plans smartwatch 2022, based on Wear OS (codename Rohan) 
  • Bytedance: Launches public cloud Volcano Engine
  • Falcon V Systems (JV with Vector Group in PL) raises funding from Liberty Global and Charter Comms (Liberty Broadband (= Liberty Media) 25%) to develop disagggregated Distributed Access Architecture (DAA)
  • GSA 5G Ecosystem update report (at 211130): 1154 devices (+16% qoq; o/w 790 commercially available; 654 support SA 5G) in 22 form factors from 167 vendors o/w 572 smartphones, 194 FWA devices, 160 modules, 74 industrial gateways, 53 hotspots, 21 laptops, 25 tablets, 11 in-vehicle routers, 36 other


  • Ericsson:
  • Ofcom (UK) publishes discussion document (report)  Unlocking the potential of Terahertz radio spectrum (The role of spectrum management) to propose Terahertz spectrum (100 GHz - 3 THz)
  • ETNO calls for EU policy changes to support digital transformation, manufacturing sector, investment in gigabit networks, using EU Recovery Funds; proposes consolidation; calls on tech giants to contribute to network costs
  • OECD Economic Outlook
  • Amazon: Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) report (Amazon Toll Road): charges 3rd-party sellers $121b in fees (for advertising, referrals, shipping) in 2021 
  • Meta Platforms: Meta Adversarial Threat Report: removed 6 adversarial networks for Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior (CIB; [fake news]; removed 4 networks in Palestine, PL, Belarus, China), Brigading (people work together to mass comment, mass post or engage in other types of repetitive mass behaviors to harass others or silence them; removed ant-vaxx network FR/IT linked to V_V), Mass Reporting (people work together to mass-report an account or content to get it incorrectly taken down; removed network in Vietnam for falsely reporting activists and other people who publicly criticized the Vietnamese government); shares data with independent researchers via platform built by CrowdTangle team
  • Twitter: Bans sharing 'private' images & videos without consent (excl public figures); to remove content when reported - System abused by right-wing activists (accounts reported and locked for sharing publicly available images of anti-maskers, anti-vaccine protesters and suspected Capitol insurrectionists; Twitter corrected errors in enforcement
  • Australia to compel social media companies to reveal the identities of users who post material considered defamatory (trolls)
  • EP and EU Member States agree on EU Data Governance Act (proposed 201125); final approval in EP and EU Council next steps (for data sharing under privacy (GDPR), consumer protection and competition rules)
  • EU Council shares first compromise text on EU draft AI Act, changes to definition (capacity to process data or other sorts of inputs to infer the way to achieve a given set of human-defined objectives through learning, reasoning or modelling - 8 high-risk areas), scope (AI systems developed exclusively for military purposes and AI systems developed for the sole purpose of scientific R&D excluded), social scoring (extend ban on social scoring from public authorities to private entities), biometric identification systems (authorisation must be requested without undue delay during its use, and if such authorisation is rejected, its use shall be stopped with immediate effect)
  • Study from hubraum and Startups Association for DT: Startups and AI (Innovation Meets Responsibility)     
  • EDPB adopts guidelines for safeguarding data transfers (in accordance with the GDPR)

Thursday, December 02, 2021

Conviva State of Streaming Content Discovery

Survey of 2502 in US, June 2021:
  • Total >3000 streaming services in US, UK, EU
  • Media time spent:
    • 39.4% traditional media
    • 12.1% digital audio
    • 9.7% digital video, 12.4% connected devices (video)
    • 8.8% social media
    • 17.6% other digital
  • Top sources for content discovery:
    • by chance 38%
    • ad on TV 34%, radio/podcast ad 10%, paper/mag ad 10%
    • recommended 30%, recommendations engine 28%, friends talking 27%, service recommendation email 10%, 
    • cast member interview on TV 14%
    • review 21%
    • social media ad 20%, friends on social media 20%, recommendation on social media 18%, post on social media 16%, celebrity on social media 10%
  • Social media penetration: Facebook 83%, YouTube 68%, Instagram 52%, Twitter 34%, Snapchat 31%, TikTok 31%, LinkedIn 23%, Twitch 12%
  • Streaming video penetration among high social media users:
    • Netflix 93%, Prime Video 78%, YouTube 76%
    • Disney+ 69%, Hulu 61%, HBO Max 59%
    • Apple TV+ 39%, Peacock 38%, Roku 37%, Discovery+ 35%, ESPN+ 34%, Paramount+ 31%
    • Pluto TV 28%, Google TV 28%, Tubi 28%, Crackl 24%
    • IMDb TV 14%
  • Generation Z favorite entertainment activity: video games 26%, music 14%, browsing 12%, social media 11%, TV/movies 10%

Meta Adversarial Threat Report

Removed 6 adversarial networks for:

  • Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior (CIB; [fake news]; removed 4 networks in Palestine, PL, Belarus, China)
  • Brigading (people work together to mass comment, mass post or engage in other types of repetitive mass behaviors to harass others or silence them; removed anti-vaxx network FR/IT linked to V_V)
  • Mass Reporting (people work together to mass-report an account or content to get it incorrectly taken down; removed network in Vietnam for falsely reporting activists and other people who publicly criticized the Vietnamese government)
Shares data with independent researchers via platform built by CrowdTangle team

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Ericsson Mobility Report (November 2021), forecasting until 2027

EMR Nov 2021

  • Subscriptions: 8.1b mobile subscriptions YE 2021 (6b unique subs; 300m PC/tablet and 6.3b smartphone o/w 4.7b 4G and 660m 5G), 8.9b mobile subscriptions YE 2027 (6.7b unique subs; 540m PC/tablet and 7.7b smartphone subs = 86% o/w 4.4b 5G = 49%, 3.3b 4G);
  • Traffic: average traffic YE 2021 11.4 GB/mo/smartphone (W Europe 15.2) to 41 GB/mo/smartphone in 2027E (W Europe 51); 5G carrying 62% of global mobile data in 2027; total global mobile data traffic (incl FWA) 21Q3 78 EB (+42%) o/w 15% from FWA, expects 288 EB by end 2027 (incl FWA 370) o/w 20% from FWA
  • Coverage: global 5G pops coverage 15% YE 2020 to 75% YE 2027 (4G from 80 to 95%, 3G to remain 95%)
  • FWA: 230m FWA lines (800m people) YE 2027 (currently 88m) o/w 110m on 5G
  • IoT YE 2021E: 14.6b connections o/w 12.5m short-raneg, 2.1b wide-area (o/w 1.9b cellular), 2027E: 30.2b connections o/w 24.3b short-range, 5.9b wide-area (o/w 4.4b cellular)
  • Analysis: State of 5G in Latin America; 5G FWA speed-tier offerings are emerging; 5G drives innovation in service packaging; Fast, foldable and everywhere: 5G devices today; Broadband IoT still rising as 2G and 3G continue to decline; Mobile network traffic still climbing steadily; Smartphones and video drive up mobile data traffic; 5G network coverage momentum continues
  • Feature Articles: 1. Building 5G infrastructure for the digital future (Far EasTone, Taiwan), 2. Network build-out to boost digitalization (KSA), 3. Time-to-content: Benchmarking network performance, 4. Building sustainable networks

Monday, November 29, 2021

Week 47 in Telecoms, Internet, Media


  • TIM: Bloomberg: KKR considers raising offer [see 211121] - Report: CEO Luigi Gubitosi willing to step down - Moody's: potential credit negative (leverage rises from 4.2 to 5.8x if debt funded and assigned to TIM)
  • NJJ/Iliad:
    • Eir: 21/22Q1
    • Salt: 21Q3; no IPO plan; ComCo decision (and FAC corroboration) block roll-out of Layer 1 access to Swisscom fiber
  • Telenor: Telenor SE sells Open Universe (wholesale platform, 200k HP) and SDU fiber networks (14k HP) to GlobalConnect (= EQT), SEK 3b
  • VOO:
    • Orange BE: Enters final exclusive negotiations with Nethys to acquire VOO (75% minus 1 share), EV (enterprise value 100%) EUR 1.8b = 9.5x EBITDA (before synergies)
    • Telenet: Drops out of final exclusive negotiations for VOO, to be acquired by Orange BE - May become wholesale customer of Orange/VOO in Wallonia/Brussels
  • CK Hutchison: Avi Gabbay and Shlomo Rodav offer $300m for CK Hutchison's 27% stake in Partner Comms (Israel)


  • General:
    • New gvt DE targets nationwide open FTTH and 5G
    • NKOM (NO) sets discount rate (WACC) 5.33% for fixed & mobile price regulation, consultation until 211217, final decision 22Q1
    • ANCOM (RO) report 21H1: average FBB (Orange RO, RCS&RDS, Telekom RONextgen Comms, Vodafone RO) download 429 Mb/s, upload 280 Mb/s; average MBB download (Orange RO, Vodafone RO, Telekom RO, RCS&RDS (Digi)) 31 Mb/s, upload 11 Mb/s
  • Mobile:
    • Tutela report on BE MNOs (226k tests, 13m measurements during May-Oct 2021): best quality Orange, best coverage Proximus, best video experience Proximus & Orange
    • Tutela report on NL MNOs (409k tests, 23m measurements during May-Oct 2021); best experience T-Mobile, best video experience Vodafone & KPN, best 5G coverage Vodafone, best overall coverage T-Mobile
  • Copper switch-off: NKOM (NO) proposal to ensure predictability for wholesale customers in the copper network, consultation until 211206
  • Liberty Global: To keep investing in HFC & Docsis 4.0, do FTTP on case-by-case basis; may considers IPOs for Sunrise UPC (2022), VodafoneZiggo, Virgin Media O2 (2024); plans wholesale in UK, Virgin Media O2 to add 7m HP; "Convergence works in Europe – it’s critical, The fixed mobile businesses are all about driving scale and growth and taking market share and ultimately driving massive free cashflow"; Liberty’s ventures portfolio is “now too big to ignore” - John Malone: "The biggest threat has always been the stupid guy with a lot of money coming into your business. They might not end up with a lot of profitability, but they sure as hell can damage the profitability of the incumbent."; "we are not empire builders, we decided we had to get smaller to get bigger” (building fixed-mobile champions in key markets and withdrawing from those where it lacked scale)
  • Proximus: Starts EV charging trial in Mechelen (8 chargepoints), with Fluvius: up to 3500 in Flanders (total max 7k) street cabinets (of 28k) doubling as chargepoints
  • Wind Hellas (= United Group): Establishes Hellenic Open Fiber (Hellenic Openfiber; FTTH & FTTO, OA, passive & active (Wind Hellas to own active layer for mobile), to invest EUR 150m by 2026 for 600k premises; 3379 km of fiber at start (o/w 595 km to be built), valuation EUR 70m
  • Primevest: Plans fiber for NDIX datacenters in DE
  • Allianz Capital Partners: Establishes Österreichische Glasfaser-Infrastrukturgesellschaft (öGIG; owns 75% of Niederoesterreichische Glasfasergesellschaft (noeGIG)), to invest EUR 1b; target 1m premises (non-urban) by 2030


  • Walt Disney: Plans to spnd $33b on content (originals, licensed content, sports rights) in 21/22 (20/21: $25b)
  • NBCU: Considers pulling content from Hulu to add to Peacock early (2022) or at when bought out of Hulu by Disney (2024); considers longer window for TV content after airing on NBC (from 1 day to 1 mo)
  • Netflix: Acquires Scanline VFX (special effects studio), to close 22Q1; to remain standalone business
  • Amazon: Rumor: interested in NFL’s media properties (NFL Network, RedZone,, to acquire 49%
  • Viaplay: Plans launch in NL March 2022
  • Ericsson acquires Vonage (cloud-based comms, CPaaS for enterprise customers, enables communications applications to be integrated into business systems via APIs, 1m app developers, 120k customers; also cloud-based VoIP and UC), 21.00 $/share = $6.2b (enterrise value) cash, to close 22H1, accreditive to FCF & EPS from 2024 - Moody's downgrades outlook (Ba1) to stable (EV = 30x EBITDA 2021E) - Synergy Research report on CPaaS market: Twilio 38.0%, Vonage 11.8%, Sinch 8.1%, bandwidth 6.5%, MessageBird 5.6% (rest 30.0%)


  • PTS (SE) opens application for local 3.7 GHz (3760-3800 and 26G Hz (24.25-25.1) bands (for industry, mining, ports, warehouses, hospitals)
  • Belgium gvt approves auction plan, to facilitate newcomer (#4) in 5G auction 22Q2, expects to raise EUR 800m; Citymesh/Cegeka focus on B2B, may expand to B2C
  • ANCOM (RO) raises EUR 43m from auction, 2 winners: RCS&RDS (DIGI) EUR42.7m for 2×5 MHz in 800 MHz band (EUR 22m), 4 2×5 MHz blocks in 2600 MHz FDD band (EUR17.2m), 1x15 MHz unpaired spectrum in 2600 MHz TDD band (EUR 3.5m), all valid from 220101 until 290405; Invite Systems EUR 0.7m for 1x5 MHz block in 3400 MHz-3600MHz band, valid from 220101 until 251231


  • Google:
  • Facebook: Gizmodo to publish all Facebook Papers (edited with NYU, UMass Amherst, Columbia, Marquette, ACLU)
  • Microsoft: Sued by Nextcloud (DE; privacy-friendly alternative to other file-hosting/storage services), supported by others, over bundling/pre-installing OneDrive, Teams, other with Windows 11
  • Apple: Sues NSO Group (Pegasus spyware), seeks permanent injunction (for violating Computer Fraud and Abuse Act), NSO to delete all data, disclose entities it shared data with - To donate $10m + any dmages from lawsuit to organizations pursuing cybersurveillance research and advocacy
  • General
    • EDPB proposes ban on tracking, child profiling, real-time biometrics (facial recognition), consumer classification based on ethnicity, gender, politics - EDPB publishes draft guidelines on the interplay between the application of GDPR Article 3 and its provisions on international transfers in Chapter V, direct collection of personal data by non-EU companies is not a "data transfer" under GDPR; consultation until Jan 2022
    • AGCM (IT) fines Apple (134.5m) & Amazon (68.7m) EUR 203m over collusion in sale of Apple products (barred resellers from using
    • AGCM (IT) fines Google & Apple EUR 10m each for not giving information aboujt collection and use of data; plan appeal
    • EP Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) approves DMA [see 211118] - EP plenary vote follows Dec 2021, negotiations with EU governments to start 22H1
    • 193 countries (incl China, excl US) adopt UNESCO’s recommendation on AI ethics (ban social scoring and the use of AI for mass surveillance; AI developers should conduct ethical impact assessments; governments should put in place strong enforcement mechanisms and remedial actions
    • New gvt DE plans to ban biometric facial recognition and restrict the usage of mass surveillance tools
    • EU Council approves DSA & DMA; to discuss in trilogue with EC and EP 22H1 (issue: which regulators will have the right to levy fines: EC vs NRAs; EC to be sole regulator for VLOPs), to become law probably 2023
    • EC proposes rules on political advertising: scope (ads by, for or on behalf of a political actor as well as so called issue-based ads), transparency (clearly labelled as such and include information such as who paid for it and how much), targeting (banned when using sensitive personal data (race, political opinions, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, health conditions, trade union affiliation) without explicit consent), fines (to be set by National Data Protection Authorities) - EC proposes update to EU rules on funding of European political parties and foundations - To be discussed with EP and EU Council, to be implemented spirng 2023

Monday, November 22, 2021

Week 46 in Telecoms, Internet, Media


  • TIM:
    • S&P downgrades to BB (from BB+), outlook stable (adjusted leverage 4.3x) 
    • KKR (owns 37.5% of FiberCop) considers friendly offer conditional on 51% acceptance level (for both classes of shares) & due diligence (4 weeks) & gvt clearance: 0.505 EUR/share cash (premium 46%) = EUR 10.8b (excl EUR 22.5b net debt (gross debt EUR 29b)); Reuters: plans gvt-regulated fixed-line network spin-off (comparable to Terna (energy grid) and Snam (gas grid)); Reuters: Vivendi (24%, paid 1.071 EUR/share) finds offer too low 
  • Deutsche Telekom:
    • Handelsblatt: plans (partial) sale or spin-off of T-Systems (29k employees; Project Falcon, Eagle) by Sep 2022, candidates: Accenture, Capgemini; 2 customers (Bundeswehr, Bundesnachrichtendienst) may complicate sale; DT may have to pay EUR 1b; may sell 33% to German gvt, 33% to investor
    • Proposes tower merger and deconsolidation of GD Towers, not IPO (Deutsche Funkturm 32800 towers in DE; Magenta Telekom Infra 7000 sites in AT), could add towers in CZ and Slovakia
  • Orange: Expects 4-to-3 consolidation among MNOs FR
  • BT: Reuters: Altice UK considers expanding stake (12.1%)
  • Vodafone:
    • 21/22Q2    
    • Vantage Towers: Vodafone proposes merger with TOTEM (= Orange); interested in buying out Telefonica (Virgin Media O2, owns 50%) from Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd (CTIL; 14200 macro sites, 1400 micro sites); interested in acquiring towers from VodafoneZiggo
    • Vodacom: Plans spin-off of towers ZA
  • Bouygues: 21Q3; maintains outlook 2021, BouygTel: organic SR growth 5%, EBITDA AL growth 7%, capex EUR 1.3b; Ambition 2026 targets maintained: SR >EUR 7b, EBITDA AL 2.5b (margin 35%), FCF 600m
  • Iliad: 21Q3
  • Altice: Altice FR 21Q3; acquired MVNO Prixtel - Altice PT not for sale


  • RTL: Iliad objects to M6-TF1 merger at EC, Canal+ may join [see 210517]; Ministry of Culture and CSA already approved, Autorité de la Concurrence to decide
  • UMG (Vivendi): Variety: to acquire Sting (Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner) song catalog from Sony Music, >$250m
  • Mediaset: Vivendi supports plan for dual-class share structure; to sell entire stake held through Simon Fiduciaria
  • Warner Music: Raises $535m from sr secured note for potential acquisitions
  • TIDAL: Plans user-centric royalties system and direct-to-artist payments for new HiFi Plus tier (20 $/mo, Master Quality Authenticated, Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Audio); launches free tier TIDAL Free (entire catalog of 80m tracks, max 160 kb/s, shuffle mode, interruptions from TIDAL)
  • Spotify:
  • Storytel: Acquires (US, 300k audiobooks) from KKR, $135m
  • SoundHound: Plans IPO via SPAC merger with Archimedes Tech SPAC Partners Co at $2.1b valuation, IPO price $10.00
  • MoviePass: Co-founder Stacy Spikes acquires the company from Helios & Matheson Analytics, plans relaunch 2022     
  • Netflix: Launches Top 10 on Netflix website (global & country lists for films (English), TV (English), films (non-English), TV (non-English), weekly and all-time), refreshes Tuesdays based on Monday-Sunday data - Viewing stat for series Squid Game: 1.65b hr (182k yr) of viewing during first 28 days - Movie Red Notice sets opening weekend record: 149m hr
  • NLziet: Min OC&W (NL): NPO and RTL/Talpa sometimes have different views on developing NLziet; RTL/Talpa propose new free ad-supprted tier with reduced content: no live channels, limited replay, required registration (NPO opposes ads), NPO proposes  new cheaper tier (incl live channels & 7 days replay) with options for paid add-ons (such as Videoland, NPO Plus and 3rd-party SVOD services)
  • Walt Disney:
    • Disney+: Rumor: board disagrees on expanding Disney+ content beyond family fare
    • Hulu: Raises Hulu With Live TV price from 65 to 70 $/mo 211221 but includes access to Disney+ and ESPN+; Hulu (ad-free SVOD) + Hulu With Live TV (incl Disney+ amd ESPN+) from 71 to 76 $/mo
  • NBCU: Sky UK/IE launches Peacock content (premium tier with ads) 211116, free add-on for subs; later in DE, CH, AT, IT
  • Discovery: Discovery+ plans Spot-Lite Ads (ad-free viewing after watching 3 consecutive episodes), Green-Light Ads (one-day sponsorship where a commercial will be the first thing viewers see), High-Light Ads (first ad break in a show), Stop-Light Ads (appear at pausing), Showcase Ads (allow viewers to make purchases via the TV screen), Search-Light Ads (contextually relevant content), Marquee Collections (messaging exposure)
  • Facebook: To add tools for users to control News Feed (opt out of ad topics) & for advertisers to exclude topics (News & Politics, Social Issues, Crime & Tragedy) early 2022, updates from 22Q1
  • Snap: Launches Multi-Format delivery (includes all video ad formats: Snap Ads, Story Ads, Collection Ads), allows brands to purchase all video ad formats in a single ad set
  • Google:
    • To invest AUD 1b over 5 yr into Australian Digital Future Initiative (talent, tech, partnerships), plans research hub, to develop cloud services; will create >28k jobs, to add AUD 6.5b to GDP
    • Partners with Agence France-Presse (AFP), 5 yr, for content in Search in Europe - And with German publishers (Spiegel, Zeit Handelsblatt, Tagesspiegel, Ströer, Wirtschaftswoche, Watson, Giga, Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten, Manager Magazin, Golem, Netzwelt)
  • Apple: Rumor: plans autonomous car 2025
  • DuckDuckGo launches feauture App Tracking Protection for Android (beta): blocks data collection
  • Mozilla expands Firefox Relay (hides email address) with premium tier $/EUR/CHF 1 per mo
  • Brave adds native cryptocurrency wallet

Services, Broadband, Wholesale

  • Ookla Speedtest Global Index (Oct 2021), based on averages: global average FBB 117/65 Mb/s, MBB 68/14 Mb/s; FBB: Monaco #1 (270), HK #2 (260), Sing #3 (257), RO #4 (241), CH #5 (232), NL #25 (170); MBB: UAE #1 (274), S Korea #2 (214), Qatar #3 (179), NO #4 (179), Qatar #4 (172), Kuwait #5 (171), NL #17 (108)
  • Ookla Speedtest Global Index (Oct 2021), based on medians: global average FBB 56/24 Mb/s, MBB 29/8 Mb/s; FBB: Singapore #1 (188), Thailand #2 (173), HK #3 (170), Chile #4 (163), DK #5 (147), NL #21 (95) MBB: UAE #1 (130), NO #2 (108), S Korea #3 (99), Qatar #4 (93), NL $5 (92)
  • Accenture for CTIA report (5G Fixed Wireless Broadband: Helping Close the Digital Divide in Rural America)
  • Virgin Media O2: Liberty sees opportunity for wholesale in UK
  • CityFibre launches new National Access service for ISPs 
  • TPG Telecom: ACCC opens consultation on functional separation based on Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (Competition and Consumer) Act 2020: allows TPG to expand network and offer BB retail & wholesale services (to compete with NBN), requires structural or functional separation; subsmissions until 211217, decision Feb 2022

Networking, Open RAN, WiFi, Cloud, Security, Quantum computing

  • Qualcomm Investor Day: addressable opportunity to grow from $100b today to $700b in next decade (more devices become intelligently connected); Focus on handsets, RF front-end (modems), automotive, IoT; 5G as wireless fiber; cloud growth CAGR 35%; "In an intelligent connected world, virtually every road leads to Qualcomm" - Partners with BMW - Partners with L&L Holding Co to create immersive visitor experiences in NYC's Times Square
  • Ericsson launches cloud-native Intelligent Automation Platform for service management & orchestration for 4G & 5G Cores, supports Open RAN, facilitates AI & ML automisation through monitoring & optimisation
  • Nokia launches Software-as-a-Service for CSPs for analytics, security, data management early 2022; first offering Nokia Data Marketplace (data trading and AI), to add NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome and Nokia Anomaly Detection; to create 3 SaaS suites to house its various services: Digital Engagement; Marketplaces; Networking
  • TIP launches Fixed Broadband Project Group (chaired by Vodafone and Telefónica) covering the access, broadband and service gateway technologies; to design, develop, test & validate a new generation of open & disaggregated technologies that will enable operators to deliver services in a more flexible & cost-effective way; common principle: Interoperability, Modularity, Sustainability, Simplicity, Flexibility
  • TIP update on OpenRAN, Open Optical and Packet Transport (OOPT), OpenWiFi, Fixed Broadband Project Group (FiBr); partners with International Finance Corporation (IFC) for the Networks as a Service (NaaS) Solution Group to support the creation of an avenue for the financial community to invest in NaaS companies; Connected City Infrastructure Solution Group rolls out in Dublin; 5G Private Networks Solution Group trials in Brazil
  • Recommendations from DT, Orange, TIM, Telefónica, Vodafone (Building an Open RAN ecosystem for Europe), based on Analysys Mason report: 1. Open AN as strategic priority, 2. EC should establish European Alliance for Next Generation Communication infrastructures and a roadmap for innovation, 3. tax incentives to operators, vendors and start-ups, 4. Promote European leadership in standardisation to contribute to globally harmonised standards, 5. promote a secure, diverse, and sustainable digital and ICT supply chain
  • TIP and WBA propose WiFi 6 GHz for mobile backhaul
  • IBM launches Eagle processor: can handle 127 qubits
  • Thales Cloud Security Study report 2021
  • Gvt Australia to invest AUD 111m in quantum computing


  • EU Competition chief Margrethe Vestager proposes increased competition for European champions (not less, allowing them to emerge) as it forces them to innovate and come up with more efficient solutions; wants NRAs to refer small acquisitions to EC to prevent killer acquisitions (buying innovative startup firms with the goal of preventing them from becoming rivals [see DMA])
  • Copper switch-off: NKOM (NO) orders Telenor to keep copper network (currently 180k active lines; targets closing 2022) open until autumn 2025
  • Platforms:
    • EP special committee (AIDA) approves internal AI report: to make AI regulation less burdensome and more innovation-friendly
    • Report: internet majors (Facebook, Google, CCIA) lobby for case-by-case approach in the DMA
    • EU Ambassadors approve general approach to DSA: centarlised enfrorcement  of VLOPs at EC; illegal hate speech to be taken down in max 24 hr; search engines added as #4 stand-alone category; to functions as lex specialis to the e-Commerce Directive; moderation of harmful (but legal) content left to providers of intermediary services (based on their T&Cs); VLOPs required to conduct risk assessments for harmful content; to be approved by Competitiveness Council 211125
    • EU lawmakers agree on DMA adjustments: sales >EUR 8b, market cap >EUR 80b, fine between 4 and 20% of annual trunover; ban on killer acquisitions (deigned to cut off emerging competitors), ban on targeted ads aimed at minors, targeted ads for adults only based on explicit user consent (personal data related to politics, religion, race, trade union membership, health conditions, sexual orientation); interoperability of ancillary services (devices, messaging services, social media); prohibition to self-reference extended to all services (not only those providing a ranking); users to be able to uninstall apps, change default settings, move data they generated to a different platform; more than 1 Core Platform Service (e-commerce, video sharing platforms, search engines, social media, operating systems, cloud & messaging services, web browsers, virtual assistants, smart TVs) approach to determine gatekeepers rejected [ie one-trick ponys can also be gatekeepers]; EP IMCO to approve 211122, EP vote Dec 2021
    • MIT: clickbait & fake news farms in southern regions (Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Macedonia, Kosovo) register with Facebook's Instant Articles & Audience Network (ads) & Ad Breaks (inserts ads in videos) & IGTV Monetization (for Instagram) & In-Stream Ads (for Live videos); also with Google's AdSense; "created an information ecosystem where content that goes viral on one platform will often be recycled on the other to maximize distribution and revenue"