Monday, May 25, 2020

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Sunrise & Salt establish FTTP Joint Venture in Switzerland

Sunrise and Salt are establishing an FTTP joint venture in Switzerland. Presentation available.
  • Name: Swiss Open Fiber
  • Equal shareholdings, with prospective equity partner for minority stake
  • Chairman Marc Furrer (formerly ComCom)
  • Target 1.5m HP with FTTP (10 Gb/s) in 5-7 yr (by 2027), from 20Q4
  • Max CHF 3b
  • Focus on underserved & non-urban areas (sub-urban, medium dense), 30-35% of all HH
  • Sunrise and Salt anchor tenants, open for all RSPs
  • To cooperate with Swiss Fiber Net (SFN) for platform (for delivery & commercialisation)
  • Expects agreements with partners (equity, debt, wholesale) in 3-4 mo

Friday, May 15, 2020

Telecoms, Internet, Media - The news of week 20

Curated selection of the major news in Telecoms (mainly Europe), Media & Internet (global), as well as the main news from the Netherlands in telecoms and media.

Our main story this week was published on the Telecompaper website (in Dutch, an English translation may follow). It is a reflection on the state of broadband competition in the Netherlands, now that the market has been deregulated. There are two central themes:
  1. KPN should stick to its original FTTP technology choice (point-to-point active ethernet), rather than switching to the somewhat cheaper PON-based variants next year. Sources tell us that T-Mobile filed an injunction against the change, but this fruitless in the deregulated market. The p2p technology allows for ODF access services, enabling wholesale customers to build their own nationwide active layer. Only this will guarantee equal competition between KPN Wholesale customers (lowering their opex considerably, but forced to make sizeable capex investments) and KPN Retail. At the same time, this would test challengers' true commitment to the market.
  2. In exchange, KPN could allow co-investment by inviting T-Mobile's network investments partner(s) (currently Primevest) to buy into its network in exchange for a minority stake. This ties nicely into last night's Financial Times article, claiming that BT Openreach is looking for co-investors.

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Sunday, May 10, 2020

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Friday, May 08, 2020

Coronavirus T.I.M. News Hub - week 19

Telecom traffic

Traffic levels are up due to the lock-downs in most countries. As a result, speeds come down. Verizon reports a leveling off, even a drop, week-on-week. Of note is the Sandvine report.

Telecom impact

Retail stores and offices were closed, but are now starting to reopen.

Media events

Cinemas, theme parks and football competitions are about to be reopened or restarted.

Media & Internet impact

Job and salary cuts.

Telecom relief funds

Some companies are receiving state aid, but others are creating relief funds or free services for others.

Media & Internet relief funds

Funds are created to support the sector or the healthcare business.


There is no shortage of apps in development to track the spread of the virus.

Friday, May 01, 2020

Coronavirus T.I.M. News Hub - week 18

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VodafoneZiggo: additional operational details from the 2019 Annual Report

  • connections 97% fiber + 3% coax
  • uptime 99.83%
  • 7.2m connections (HH), 5.4m devices
  • 452,950 km cable, 340k final amplifiers, 70k group amplifiers, 12k cabinets, 600 hubs, 66 regional stations
  • 60% of analog lines switched off (target 100% YE 2021)
  • Mediabox Next self-installs 80%
  • usage 9.1 EB (+21%)
  • NPS Ziggo +3
  • app usage: Ziggo Go 39%, WiFi app downloads 85k
  • max speeds: 500 (or 400? consumer) or 600 (or 500? business) Mb/s on Docsis 3.0, 1 Gb/s on Docsis 3.1
  • uptime 99.97%, 91% of downloads >10 Mb/s, 0.20% dropped call rate
  • 4552 mobile sites
  • usage 153978 TB (+33%)
  • NPS: Vodafone +8, hollandsnieuwe +12
  • app usage: MyVodafone 38%
  • max speed: 350 Mb/s on mobile (4G+)
  • 7450 employees o/w 73% full-time, 6696 FTE
  • 9 office locations
  • 150 retail shops