Wednesday, October 04, 2006

REGULATION://Post-LLU competition

Returning once more to OPTA's proposal for post-LLU regulation. It is interesting to see how different comments are. Having no English version available, does not exactly help.

Some comments concentrate on delays in closing the old network, others report KPN's initial positive stance.

My takes:

  • Positive for KPN is OPTA's acknowledgement of the rationale of the new All-IP network. It may be built and KPN will be allowed to close down 1100 COs.
  • Positive for altnets is OPTA's commitment to infrastructure-based competition on the telco network. But who would have expected an American style duopoly at this point?
  • Something that seems to have gone unnoticed is OPTA's plan to study the British model (equivalence, Openreach). This study will be conducted shortly and will be incorporated in the final ruling (late December).
  • OPTA seems to urge altnets (and others?) to cooperate. Enter speculation on Australian style initiatives.
  • The final ruling could have major impact across Europe.

UPDATE: KPN made an English translation of the OPTA paper. Mail me for a copy.

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